Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can We Please Start Drilling?

It’s long past time to drill for oil here at home. We also need a couple of new oil refineries. The immediate benefit would be thousands of needed jobs for Americans. After a few years we would start getting some relief from gas pump torture.

We also need to co-exist with nature so let’s do it carefully. Oil escapes into the ocean and groundwater as a natural occurrence. It’s part of nature.

It would be so nice to see an end to those goofy picket signs that demand, “No Blood For Oil” carried by those same clowns that show up to protest every issue.

I’m also tired of seeing the photos of the great grandchildren of poor Arab farmers and sheepherders who now wallow in obscene wealth because of extortionate oil prices.

Americans need a break from the obstructionists on the Democratic side of the Congressional aisle. They need to give us solutions instead of additional hardship.


A Voice of Sanity said...

Time and time again the auto companies and others have gotten their pet congress weasels to oppose any increase in the CAFE standards. When California tried to go it alone the Feds interfered and blocked them. Americans have chosen to buy huge gas guzzling trucks to drive their children around. How is this the fault of the Arabs? As for the ANWR, from what I have heard it would take 20 years to come online and might drop the price by as little as 41 cents a barrel. The oil sands seem a more attractive project.

Now if there was a trillion bbl under ANWR I think we'd all look at it seriously, but from what I have heard the only people who will win as a result of drilling there are the drill makers. Even the oil companies aren't that interested. So it's a false hope.

Increasing the fuel efficiency of the US private automobile seems to be a far faster way to get to some measure of independence and would have a cascade of benefits, including giving the bird to the Arabs.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

We need to find and use our own oil now. If it takes 30 years we still need to drill now.
The only cure is if we can figure out how to defeat the earth’s gravity. That ain’t going to happen.