Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breaking Drew Peterson With Detective Joseph Kozenczak’s Techniques

Okay, I’ll agree Drew Peterson is a pariah these days. I can’t agree that he deserves this label since he was career cop with no criminal history. The worst anyone can really say about him is his penchant for young attractive women. I guess that puts me in the same category since I too enjoy them.

The real question is what happened to Peterson’s third and fourth wives and did Drew Peterson bring about their fate? The short answer is, nobody knows. Humans are a suspicious lot and murder investigations begin and too often end at the ones closest to the victims. Humans seem to only hurt the ones they love.

Where’s the proof? The third wife drowned in the bathtub. Perhaps she had help in getting that way but we can only guess. After we make the first guess as murder we have to guess again who was responsible.

Then there is Stacy Peterson. We can’t say that she was murdered because we just don’t know. We suspect foul play but have zero evidence and we can prove nothing at all. The suspicious folks and arm chair amateur sleuths guessed that the missing girl was murdered and they guessed further that Drew Peterson killed her.

I’m sorry folks but guesses don’t count. If it’s going to count it must be hard and cold evidence. For now and perhaps always that will be the case. There are may thousands of crimes that have never been discovered or have simply gone unsolved. They don’t write too may books and never make movies about unsolved crimes. Absolutely nobody wants to read or watch that story

As for the police they have a nearly impossible task. They must determine if there was a crime or crimes and uncover enough evidence to bring someone to justice. The cops are not clairvoyant and without a confession and minimal evidence to support it they are powerless.

Right now the Illinois State Police have only one tool to use and that's unlawful harassment. They know that sometimes works as it did in the case of the infamous Chicago area serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy was stressed out and confessed because of remarkably clever stunts used to unnerve him. Most of those incredible tricks used by retired Des Plaines detective Joseph Kozenczak 30 years ago are in every homicide investigator’s playbook today.

The problem is that retired police sergeant Drew Peterson has read that playbook too. If Drew Peterson killed anyone, the undeniable fact is he knew and knows how to avoid detection.

It’s not a fair world, people get away with murder and innocent people are punished for murder. America’s founding father’s got it right when they gave us the Bill of Rights. Even Drew Peterson deserves those protections.


Socialism Sucks said...

Interesting... what were Kozenczak's techniques?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

One of my readers said Gacy never confessed that investigators used the smell in Gacy’s crawl space as evidence. That’s dead wrong, not only did Gacy confess he drew maps of where he hid the bodies.

Another reader wants to tell us about the tricks used to unnerve Gacy. I won’t provide anyone with a primer on how to beat the homicide detectives.

A Voice of Sanity said...

I’m sorry folks but guesses don’t count. If it’s going to count it must be hard and cold evidence. For now and perhaps always that will be the case.

Unless your name is Scott Lee Peterson in which case guesses are more than enough for most people. In fact a surprising number of people want his family executed as well - just in case?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, they are all over the alleged "injustice" of Peterson's freedom and want law enforcement to circuvent the rules to lock him up, but from experience, they should sit in a Cook County court room and see a number of guilty people go free to the dismay of the victims.

Frances said...

Kozenzcak is a Hero... and whats funny to me, if you mention his name 9 and 1/2 people out of 10 have no clue who he is which is hard to believe. The Gacy case changed my whole way of thinking, I used to be 100% against the death penalty and then I heard the name John Wayne Gacy. Watching those young men being carried out of that house one by one, changed my mind. What I'm gonna say now will probably make more than a few roll their eyes and groan with disgust, but I am not that sure Drew Peterson is guilty... At one point I was totally sure, no doubt about it positive he did it, but now? not so sure. The trial will be interesting to say the least.

Frances said...

One other thing, looking at the picture of you from a few years look alot like a young Brian dennehy! :)