Monday, June 23, 2008

Sensational Crime and 100 Years of the FBI

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation is ready to celebrate 100 years of existence they put up their top 100 cases for history hungry crime buffs. They did leave out their daring Martha Stewart pinch, and that’s a good thing.

I think J.Edgar Hoover has rolled over in his grave a few times since his death. That as the face of the FBI has changed from actor Jimmy Stewarts’s image to today’s metrosexual, minority and women of the new bureau who are now in charge. Along with those changes the bureau has been handed additional jurisdiction over common street crimes.

Whatever your opinion of the bureau may be their top 100 cases were definitely made for the silver screen.

Read about them here!


Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would ever talk with the FBI? If you get confused and tell them it's Monday when it's Tuesday you'll ger a guest suite at Club Fed rent free for a few years.

Unknown said...

The utter incompetence of the g-men/girls (notice small g) is frightening. Ask any cop and they will tell you for the most part the only things feds are go for is money, equipment and bodies (often without street sense) to help.
Bureaucrats in the first order. The main difference between the fbi and the Department of Commerce is at least the commerce folks contribute.
I can attest first hand that fbi really does stand for federal bureau of intimindation.
Having said my rant, I'm bound to say there are really good agents who really want to do their job and protect our country-- too bad the bureaucrats won't let them.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Rod is a disontented Gman. If that is the case you can join the slew of discontent and disillusioned coppers nationwide. The CPD and the NYPD are in the dumps along with almost any other copper I talk to these days. What the Hell is going on inthe good ol' USA?