Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blinding Big Brother!

Crimefile is a strong privacy advocate. That is an absolutely futile position to take in our surveillance and data mining society. George Orwell was right. Orwell told us long ago in his book, 1984 and that did not slow what was coming one bit.

Americans allow themselves to be tracked and photographed incessantly. It may be that toll road I-Pass gizmo, your constant use of credit cards or that access card your employer or school gave you.

Your own trusted cell phone provider knows all of your secrets. Anonymous pre-paid cell phones help as long as you throw them away regularly. As an investigator with subpoenas I can prove every step you take in an urban environment.

I simply reconcile the collected data information with the surveillance images and I know where you were and just who you were with.

That information should be frightening to any and all Liberty loving Americans. I’d guess there are at least three of us left on the entire planet.

I’m going to share with you just how the beat the cameras. A hat that will hide your identity is all you need. You can make this yourself by taking a hat and mounting a circle of infra-red LEDs on it. The invisible LEDs will blind the cameras. The images above demonstrate just what the cameras will see.

You have to expect to be watched by both overt and covert cameras.

This will not work against long range telephoto lens cameras unless you IR signals are really significant.

Remember to pay only in cash or use cash gift cards.

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Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant solution!