Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dealing With A Gun Ban In Your Own City In Light Of The Heller Case.

Mayor Richard M. Daley has declared himself above the law of the land. He now insists in violating the oath he took to support, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. Daley has become an outlaw.

In order to protect your rights should you be in possession of a banned handgun. Go at once with a witness to your local city hall (don’t bring your gun!) Ask and demand that they allow you to keep and register your gun or guns. Follow up with a registered and receipted letter demanding the same.

Should you be arrested after that for possession or failure to register you have proof that you tried to comply with registration laws but were refused.

No court will be able to convict anyone of mere possession of a handgun ever again. The practice that Chicago has of confiscation and destruction of your gun even if you’re found not guilty is also illegal.

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Watch Mayor Daley rant, rave and whine right here!


Anonymous said...

There's also a line in the Illinois State constitution that got slipped in back in the 70's ?

Subject only to the police power, the right of the
Individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be

Daley may play the police power issue to the hilt.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

No state can use their own Constitution to somehow trump the Bill of Rights. We did fight a Civil War over that issue and as I recall the North won that debate.

Anonymous said...

Daley may play the police power issue to the hilt.

June 26, 2008 10:15 AM

Daley cannot.The Bill of Rights is just that,RIGHTS.daley cannot tell the Scum-Times or da Trib what to do.Daley will lose in court and piss millons of tax payer dollars away.

The Constitution of the US is THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Anonymous said...

What did you think that anything would change in Daleyland? He and his cronies line their pockets. Now he will spare no legal expense to fight the ruling and attempt to loophole the ruling to death. Except that it's the peoples money, the same money that he disperses to his outfit buddies and reapes the rewards for his pockets.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,another fan of the 1911.The prefered choice of champions.

10ksnooker said...

There is a problem the fourteenth Amendment incorporates the Bill of Rights in to the State Constitutions. It's one of those post civil war Amendments that stopped the Southern States from preventing blacks from being afforded the Bill of Rights by State statue.

So in this case, it would seem what the SC says the States must do.

Anonymous said...

Little Ritchie will waste millions of the taxpayers dollars to fight this just to prove he is King and no goddamn court or anyone else shall defy him.But remember if his two foot tall ass would take a deep breath and relax,anybody in his kingdom who wants a handgun already has one, just dont register it or tell anybody they have it.There will be no big run on ak 47 or whatever he is full of shit.His gangbangin voters will continue to kill just as before the ruling. NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN THE KINGDOM OF HELL>

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
I would tend to believe this ruling puts an end to gun registration and the Illinois FOID card. I believe it is illegal to charge or impose a fee when a law abiding citizen is partaking in his God given rights as an American. I guess King Daley could make registration voluntary but a law abiding citizen would not have to comply and register a legally owned firearm anymore. This means Illinois will no longer be able to charge a fee for the FOID card. The NRA is standing by to kick the little Mayor's ass and when all these other municipalities watch Chicago lose and the millions it will cost in litigation they will drop all of their unconstitutional gun laws. I am a proud life member of the NRA and a disabled CPD copper who is very proud to belong to the NRA and very proud of my brothers and sisters in the CPD but not proud of the city of Chicago or its corrupt politicians. To all the law abiding gun owners in Chicago your day has finally come, thank God and the NRA!!!!!!!!!

Bill Mac said...

That little RAT Bastard King Richard the Second should get his head out of his ample rear end and realize that his gun laws do nothing but stop the lawful from owning guns.