Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Enjoying Some TV From My Childhood

There was a really exciting TV series called Sky King I eagerly watched as a kid. It was about an Arizona rancher/do-gooder with a Cessna 310 twin engine airplane called Songbird. King was a quasi-cop who with his plane did what the best of law enforcement could never do without him.

King played by Kirby Grant seemed to be retired at a young age with no visible means of support. He’d fly around with his “niece” Penny as a knight tangling with rustlers, robbers and spies. King was the good guy who never carried a gun but always had one when he needed one.

Penny, played by Gloria Winters was the spunky girl who was more like Batman’s Robin. Penny added comic relief to this show or at least I’ve found the humor as an adult. Of course I wonder today just what kind of a relationship they had both on and off screen.

The third wheel to this car was King’s nephew Clipper, played by Ron Hagerthy. Clipper was Penny's brother who was not in every episode.

You can’t just watch one of these episodes because they are addictive. This was a captivating show that’s still enjoyable 50 years later.

All 62 episodes can be found and watched at this site without charge.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Howdy Doody.

Ed Skinner said...

And Winky-Dink!

Anonymous said...

I watched Sky King regularly, but what I recall best is a cartoon about it in an early National Lampoon. This kid was sitting on his couch, leaning forward and watching the screen, saying, "Go ahead, Sky, rip her blouse off -- she's not really your niece!"