Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brinks Home (False Sense of) Security

The commercials are little more than a joke. A couple is at home and in the bedroom when they hear an intruder. Instead of the able-bodied male figure grabbing a gun he slams the flimsy bedroom door cowering behind it.

An alert looking call center employee calls and asks if everything is alright. When the male homeowner informs the call center of the intruder the call center fellow says, “Help is on the way!” Everyone is seen smiling. The story ends and everyone lives happily ever after.

The reality is the call center has to actually get through to the police and then the police must dispatch officers to the scene. The whole process could take somewhere between ten minutes and an hour. We can only hope the cops will arrive while the bodies of the homeowners are still warm.

I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but other than providing an audible alarm the service is worthless.

This video is humorous but will show you how to improve your odds of survival. This lady has an audible alarm of her own. When the cops come she will be alive and well as long as the government does not violate her civil rights claiming she violated some unconstitutional gun law.


Anonymous said...


The other thing that these security firms do is fail to inform the customer that their alarm system is based on using the customers phone line to transmit the alarm signal to the monitoring center. If this line is disconnected by failure or criminal activity the call will not be made.

FYI= They also in some cases misinform the customer that the system calls the police department directly

We regularly take these accounts over and add a radio backup to protect the home or business in case of phone failure

These big security companies just look at the monthly revenue without properly taking care of their customers

Countywide Detective Bureau Inc

Anonymous said...

Anybody tries to screw with me and I call my girlfriend Zelda McCorville for she can handle any perp anytime.

Zelda Rules!!


Anonymous said...

My home security is provided by Springfield Armory, and backed up by Para-Ordnance, Ruger, and Remington.

Anonymous said...

Tinley Park Illinois Lane Bryant murders
Police admit they were on scene within 1 minute of the 911 phone call and less than 200 yards away while the killer escaped in broad daylight.

Results: 5 women dead, 1 survivor shot and played dead.


4 months have passed $100,000 reward and the killer still roams free.


Anonymous said...

We have an alarm service. It does not replace the numerous LOADED guns placed strategically. What it has done is scare of someone who had tried to enter the home when we were at work. It also provides a fire alarm that also triggers the alarm service. We got it mainly for the fire alarm so our pets will have a chance if we are not at home. When I see the commercial I can't help but think that the woman needs a Remington Model 870 Express in her hand with her kids behind her.

Anonymous said...

It also provides a fire alarm that also triggers the alarm service. We got it mainly for the fire alarm so our pets will have a chance if we are not at home.

Exactly why I like mine also

Countywide Detective Bureau Inc

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