Friday, June 06, 2008

If California Has a Financial Crisis, I Have the Fix!

In California as in other states the schools are in trouble and so are the hospitals. At least a million or more of the children enrolled in California’s schools are illegal aliens.

The hospitals treat many millions more uninsured, illegal aliens for non-life threatening ailments. American taxpayers are forced to pay these bills.

Congress and California’s politicians have no intentions of getting serious about deporting the aliens. Can they get serious about doing anything about the problem at all?

My question is why must we continue to force American taxpayers to pay for the education and medical services for people who should not even be here?

Perhaps if all but life-threatening medical services were denied to those trespassers America would become a lot less attractive to international freeloaders. If services to illegal aliens were eliminated that would be an incentive for them to return home.

Signs in Spanish should go up in every tax-supported school and medical institution in America, “No Papers, No Service.”

If we can’t get serious about deporting these squatters we can them out of our wallets.

Don’t look for our politicians to deal with these problems anytime soon.


Ed Skinner said...

Here's a question, "Why has the United States done little more than pay lip service to staunching the flow of illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, into the United States for the past several years?"
I suspect there *is* a full answer to this question but the government doesn't want us to know what it is.
And I suspect that because I can see no other explanation for the huge influx that should have been possible to stop.
I smell a rat!

Anonymous said...

This is a problem that needs to be addresses quickly, because it will get worse exponentially in the next decade and then it will be too late to recover from. Our Congress is at fault here, for refusing to pass laws that deal with this problem. Come election time, we need to remember those Senators and Representatives that vote for amnesty for illegal aliens and make sure that they are voted out of office. The US taxpayer DOES NOT want to pay for these people who should not be in this country!