Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jessie Jackson's Pointless Political Demonstration

Lake Barrington, IL--Rev. Jessie Jackson brought in some 80 gun haters to Lake Barrington, Il to get a high end firearm manufacturer some publicity.

DS ARMS specializes in making great civilian semi-automatic copies of the venerable, 65 year- old FNFAL rifles. That Browning design made the FAL one of the top ten battle rifles ever produced.

There is a serious problem with using this rifle and that’s the cost. You can buy perhaps three AK-47 rifles for the cost of one DS ARMS Copy.

DS ARMS’ products have not made their way to police crime labs because of their use in crimes. So Jessie, what’s the big deal here? We know you hate the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment but are you really that ignorant?

Jessie, gun laws were created specifically to keep you and all African-Americans disarmed at the point in our time when the slaves were freed. I guess you want to honor the tradition of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jessie we've seen what happens to unarmed Negros in Africa who were being protected by the United Nations instead of having gun rights. Is that what you want here? Jessie is population control your agenda?


Read more and see the video here.


Anonymous said...

That's what I expect from a racist a whore, and adulterer and a propagandist

It's Not All Real said...

An old joke: A man is walking down the street and sees a friend of his looking for something under a street light...."hey Joe, what are you looking for?" "My wallet" says Joe.

The man goes to help him look for it, and after a considerable amount of time he asks Joe, "Joe how did you lose your wallet here?" "I didn't lose it here, but the light is better!"

Stupid joke, but that's how Jackson and company are playing this game. DS ARMS is a lawfully established company engaged in lawful commerce. They just happen to be the closest gun company around.

How many of Jackson's bodyguards are armed?