Thursday, June 19, 2008

The NRA Wants You To Fight In a Courtroom!

With the expected success of D.C vs. Heller in defeating the Gun Ban in our nation’s capital the NRA is setting their sights on vigorous challenges to jurisdictions that violate the gun rights of their citizens.

In the best case scenario, jurisdictions like Chicago and New York will read and obey the law of the land without wasting tax dollars trying to enforce laws that have been struck down by Heller.

We know from experience that will not be the case. Instead too many politicians will try to stall and delay following the Supreme Court’s edict. Instead they will continue to prosecute gun owners engaged in constitutional protected activity. Those politicians will abuse tax dollars as they fight the very constitution they were sworn to protect.

In order to force certain jurisdiction to end handgun bans similar to that of the District of Columbia. Law abiding plaintiffs must be located that have been impacted by guns bans. The fight will continue in courtrooms until the unlawful government activity is ended.

There seem to be sufficient plaintiff for Chicago and the suburbs that have banned guns but more are needed. Specifically Oak Park, Illinois residents that wish to challenge the ban there must come forward. There are certain requirements for the plaintiff’s as follows:

1. Must not have a criminal record.

2. Must have an IL FOID card.

3. Must live in Oak Park, IL.

4. Must cooperate and assist the lawyer assigned to the case. This will only take a minimum amount of time.

5. Must be over 21 years of age.

6. Must be sane and sober.

7. Must want to register or re-register an existing gun currently stored outside of the jurisdiction, or obtain a new one.


1. You will help restore liberty, freedom and safety to your household.

2. You may possibly win money damages against the city or town that's violating your rights.

3. There will be no cost for legal services.

If you qualify click here and contact me by e-mail or telephone for further instructions.


DJK said... anything in San Diego county, CA?

Anonymous said...

does this also apply to Chicago?

Don said...

Absolutely, Chicago is included. My impression is that Oak Park is one of the towns where fewer plaintiffs have come forward, so they're emphasizing that area now.

It's a shame; John Birch lived in Oak Park (I think--that's the place with McDonald's headquarters, right?) until he got fed up with the Illinois gun rights movement and moved to Florida a few years ago. It was disheartening to watch him leave, but he'd tried to lead so many times and most people just weren't ready to follow.