Thursday, May 23, 2024

Fighting Crime on Public Transportation, Solutions

Los Angeles, CA— There is and has been a nasty siege of murder and violence on public transportation here in the City of Angels.  We have one party rule here that dictates law-enforcement policy.  Of course it is the left-wing, lunatic fringe with their very radical ideas. 


In very recent years, people arrested for crimes are not put in jail pending court dispositions. Instead, they are simply cited and released on a promise to appear.  For most crimes, posting cash bail has ended.  Covid became an excuse to grant well beyond 100,000 convicts, early release from various prisons.  The impact from the insanity is obvious. people are dying as a direct result. 


Criminals congregate On Subway cars and public buses, where unarmed, and vulnerable people must travel to pursue their livelihoods.  We learned that saturating public transportation with uniform officers is of little help.  The criminals simply avoid doing their deeds in front of those cops.


What we know works, is putting undercover officers as bait inviting violent criminals to attack.  Since in an urban area like Los Angeles most of the criminals are those so-called, people of color.  It’s not about skin color but a very violent, bankrupt and cruel culture. 


Since these criminal’s hunt and attack their victims so quickly, undercover officers have no choice, but to employ deadly force to stop the attacks.  You guessed it, the cops justifiably and necessarily wind up killing these violent predators.  


In my younger days as a Chicago police officer the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) had its own plain clothes police department of 200 men.  None of them wore uniforms.  However, the Chicago Police Department at that time had 14,000 sworn members. 


What happened was that the small CTA police force wound up killing more criminals than the entire Chicago Police Department.  Virtually all the criminals killed were black.  Statistically on paper this did not look good.  The politicians put the CTA police in uniform.  They were also supplemented by the Mass Transportation Unit of uniformed Chicago Police.  


Crime on public transportation increased exponentially. The number of criminals killed on public transportation dropped to virtually zero.  However, the deaths of innocent people victimized by the criminals increased dramatically.  In the end, the dead criminals became far more important than the people they were killing.  The solution dictated by the politicians placated the minorities but did not help the victims one bit.


I suppose if they put a uniform armed cops on every bus and train car that would make a difference.  The taxpayers simply can’t afford that kind of protection.  Additionally, police radios are blocked out on most subway trains leaving the officers unable to summon help.


The politicians know that if they allow law abiding people to enjoy their Second Amendment rights to conceal firearms, the violence will increase a bit until the criminals quickly learned they’d be leaving public transportation in black rubber coroner’s bags.  Is that kind of a solution so bad after all?  


The rehabilitation of criminals is nothing more than a wild myth.  The only thing that slows down criminals is when they get too old.  Young, aggressive criminals must be kept off the street until they are too old and slow to harm anyone.  Our politicians understand only too well that those culturally deprived, people of color can’t control their behavior.  That is why blacks are so hyper-represented in prison populations.  Our misguided politicians much prefer to create crime solutions, as long as they don’t work.


There you have it folks, the truth.  If you want to be safe, you’re going to have to simply avoid public transportation at all costs in those large urban areas that are run by radical Democrats.  BLM should change their initials to BCLM, Black Criminal’s Lives Matter.   

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