Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin’s $$$ wardrobe…”Sarah dahling, you look marvelous!”

Whatever Sarah’s cool threads cost it was worth it! Sarah Palin is a fashion plate and she rocks!

Truthfully, when in American history have we had any politician at all that rang our bell so well?

In the late and great actor Fernando Lamas’ words memorialized by comedian Billy Crystal, “Dahling, you look marvelous!”


Anonymous said...

I think she's worth every last cent.

Why not resell them all on Ebay after the election and contribute the money to disabled kids foundations. I bet Sarah would support that wholeheartedly !

Anonymous said...

obviously the democrats have not bought their own clothes lately or else they would know what GOOD clothes cost. Te democrats uSally get their clothing FREE as in handouts from floods, hurricanes, or just plain ghetto living! THE DEMOCRATS AREALL ABOUT 'GIVE ME THAT FREE STUFF BABY"...THE REST OF US WORK AND PAY FOR OUR OWN!