Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is Barack Obama an Illegal Alien? Constitutional Crisis Ahead!

Lafayette Hill, PA—The U.S. District Court lawsuit seeking to force Barack Obama’s name off the ballot over his failure to meet the basic citizenship requirement is heating up.

Rather than producing a certified copy of his birth certificate and citizenship documents Obama’s lawyers are doing everything to sidestep normal court discovery procedures. They have called producing the birth certificate “burdensome”. I guess it would very burdensome if Obama is in fact an illegal alien.

If Obama was a real citizen his lawyers would not be going through a charade of legalese, smoke and mirrors. Instead they’d produce the records, have the case dismissed and own the plaintiff who filed the case.

With this desperate legal maneuver by Obama may place our entire country into a horrible mess. This must be resolved quickly. Obama should be forced to immediately prove the most basic qualification our Constitution demands of Presidential candidates or get tossed out of the race.

If the court won’t act promptly loyal Americans must demand answers.

You can read all the information and documents posted on the website of Plaintiff Phillip J. Berg.


Anonymous said...

I say there is something he is hiding - why else would he not simply produce his birth cert. and be done with it. Who would incur a lawyers bill if you don't need to hide? There is something wrong, this guy came from out of nowhere. We better KNOW who he is before we give him the key to the White House & the highest job in the USA. Even in Chicago citizens have real birth certificates..

Anonymous said...

I read an article stating the case was thrown out and is BS. However, this appears to be valid???? Any new updates?

Anonymous said...

not only are we giving him the keys to the white house but to the football and every other weapon in the U.S.