Sunday, October 26, 2008

When You Lay Down With Dogs You Wake Up With Fleas

What would possess a woman to husband shop at the Illinois Department of Corrections? What woman would expose a young boy to a dangerous criminal in her own household?

The answer is Julia Hudson whose mother and brother were shot dead in what Chicago police have described as an act of domestic violence. Hudson brought a terrible plague upon her family and neighborhood.

An additional heartbreak is the apparent abduction of Hudson’s seven year-old son, Julian King. Young King is the only known witness to the killings and it’s highly unlikely that he was allowed to live knowing what he knew.

A violent man convicted of Carjacking and attempted murder generally does not make the most eligible bachelor list. That did not prevent Julia Hudson from endangering her own family by bringing a predatory creep into her family’s home.

One family member who escaped the carnage was the gifted singer and Academy Award winning actress, Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson had already moved to a much safer, Near North Chicago high rise apartment building.

William “Flex” Balfour has not been charged with this new high profile crime so far. Balfour should have served at least triple the time he got for his last despicable act of violence. Illinois residents should be mad that this mutt was allowed to return to the streets.

Illinois and Chicago politicians Mayor Richard M. Daley and Barack Obama think the cure for violent crimes like this is gun control. Keeping criminals like William “Flex” Balfour behind bars will do a lot more than any gun law. This is precisely why today Chicago is the Murder Capitol of America.

There are some difficult lessons to learn here both for women who like bad boys and American politicians entrusted with lawmaking.

There is no question that Balfour is the leading suspect here. If Balfour was left behind bars for his last terrorist act we would not be suspecting him for the new crimes and presuming his innocence under our laws.

If there is good news it's that Balfour is about to be returned to prison for violating his parole. They can keep him locked up until next May with no new charges.

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