Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Tawana Brawley has surfaced

Pittsburgh, PA—That McCain volunteer who claimed she was robbed and mutilated has not rung true with this investigator. Ashley Todd, 20 told the story that the robber carved the letter B on her face.

The biggest problem I have is the "carving" is so superficial and was made by numerous small and minimal scratches rather than real cutting.

In this world we have pathetic people that need attention. This story smelled to me from the beginning. I suspect that before the ink is dry on the police reports this allegation will be debunked.

The good news here if there is any is that Todd has not implicated some real person for this attack.

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It's Not All Real said...

I agree with you totally Paul. The "B" looks like it would if she did it while looking in the mirror. If she had been victimized as she said, she would have put up resistance and it wouldn't have been legible, at the least, she would have had deeper defensive wounds.

Another asshat, just hope it doesn't reflect poorly on McCain's campaign.