Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crimefile Comes to Chicago Radio!

On Sunday evening, 2 Nov 08 @ 5:00 PM (Chicago time)I will be talking about the city planed Barack Obama Election Insurrection on Wind 560 radio. Inviting a million Obama supporters to Grant Park is beyond incredibly dangerous and fool hardy.

This unprecedented event will be unfair to the men and women of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments. It will be unfair to the local businesses and hospitals. It will be unfair to the Cook County Medical Examiner too. Chicago's taxpayers will be suffering over the destruction for years to come.

If you do't live in Chicago you can hear this show over the WIND radio Internet site.

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Anonymous said...

There is great concern about the security of Chicago and post election rioting in Chicago on November 4,2008. The Chicago Police Department is taking measures never before taken. These measures were not utilized in the 1968 Democratic National Convention Riots, the King Riots or the 1990's Bulls riots. There is strong belief regardless of the election outcome, that there will be riots, either celebratory or rage driven. ILEAS(Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, NIPAS(Northern Illinois Police Alarm System),the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, the Illinois State Police, all bordering towns and municipalities and all the surrounding collar counties will be sending personnel,equipment and be on standby for additional resources (Fire,EMS). Rumor has it that the Illinois National Guard is going to be placed on a standby in the advent that situation becomes uncontainable to law enforcement.