Friday, October 10, 2008

Chicago Plan To Build A High School For Gays

Chicago, IL—To combat bullying Chicago plans to create a high school for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender students. The goal is legitimize the long held unlawful “separate but equal” segregation inside a public school system.

I applaud the idea of a place where they kids can focus on their education without fear. Unfortunately what this really says is Chicago has surrendered to the fact that they can’t control violence in their schools.

That tells me that other kids will continue to be targets for juvenile criminals Chicago refuses to deal with. I can imagine the Gay school will also attract a number of straight students pretending to be gay just to escape extortion and sexual predators in problem schools.

This is another example of an ineffective government band aid being used to fix a hemorrhage.


Anonymous said...

I can only guess which alderwhatever
was behind this! Here's a guy(?) that pushed/harassed/threatened his beat guys to move the dark skinned,less priveleged type away from his street,
office, restaurant, but openly opposed anything the GWB regime tried to do to protect this Country,
including assisting Law Enforcement.
The back stabbing bullshit of these liberals disgusts me, and I hope my words are the last thing that they remember before they're
executed by their ghetto stickup guy!

Anonymous said...

And how does one prove that they are gay,lesbo or transgender in order to get in to this NEW school. Furthermore, how in the hell do you become transgender by high school age? If I were an 8th grader serious about getting an education, and realizing that I would be protected from the savages that are in CPS, I would declare myself one of the above.

Anonymous said...

gee, whats next? schools only for blacks and hispanics?? where is this going?