Saturday, October 25, 2008

Major Obstacles In Hudson Family Murder Investigation

Chicago, IL--Chicago police have located and taken into custody ex-convict, William Balfour who lived with the murdered victims and the missing child. That complicates and compromises any forensic examinations.

So far Balfour has not been charged with the killings. Since he’s on parole, I’m almost certain police found some technical parole violations they can use in order to hold him at least for a while.

Balfour’s fingerprints and DNA will be found everywhere in that home simply because he lived there.

Police have detained and questioned other people associated with Balfour, but none have been arrested.

Police will need a witness, confession, the murder weapon or other items actually found in Balfour’s possession.

Since seven year-old Julian King is still missing and probably knows what happened, that made him an undeniable and certain murder target. Sadly I’ve given up all hope that he will be found alive. Police are working against the clock to find the boy’s body in order to find a preserve any evidence.

Finding both vehicles associated with this case may be helpful but again, finding Balfour’s fingerprints or DNA in vehicles he uses or has been in the past a legitimate passenger is also meaningless.

The Chicago police detectives from Area1 have their work cut out for them. This may well turn into one of those cases that go unresolved that we hear so much about.

As for Jennifer Hudson, she will have to deal with this nightmare. Hudson does not live in her mother’s home but in a near North side high rise building. She and her sister will be dealing with funeral and estate issues in the coming weeks.

Update: 8:55 AM Officer O’Brian of Chicago Police News Affairs would not officially confirm Balflour’s arrest or interrogation. He did say a number of subjects were interrogated and so far no arrests have been made. O’Brien did say officers are working several promising leads at this hour.

William Balflour has a My Space page with lots of pictures right here.


Anonymous said...

Somehow, the police will get the blame for a botched investigation once the Rev.'s all get together and Monday quarter back this crime. They should be pointing their fingers at the Parole Board in Illinois for letting this scum bag out. The Governor is closing Pontiac Prison, maybe it should remain open so there is more room to keep these animals where they belong, in cages.

Anonymous said...

The national news media has to be picking up the fact, that the CPD is on life support,by now.

Keep stripping,indicting,suing,firing all those officers. Payback is coming shortly. Election Night will prove that you reap what you sow.