Friday, October 17, 2008

Imagine A World With Two Less Armed And Violent Home Invaders!

Tucson, AZ—Police have released information about this bedtime story with a really happy ending. Two armed home invaders forced their way into a 23 year-old UofA student’s home. The student responded to the invasion by arming himself with a handgun as he quickly dispatched the two dangerous felons like bad dogs. Police were called and their preliminary investigation indicates that the student’s actions were a double justifiable homicide. The student has cooperated fully with police.


Socialism Sucks said...


The difference between being an armed citizen and a cowering 'subject'

Two criminal careers brought to a swift end.

I'd like to buy that student a beer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really strange. I was going to post almost exactly the same thing that "socialism sucks" posted, right down to my first choice of words being "Outstanding!", and the offer to buy the student a brew.

I guess great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

I love bedtime stories like this with happy endings! Keep them comming!

Jim McMahon said...

Fantastic! We'll never see this on the mainstream news media. They want the public to believe that guns are bad for the American citizen.