Friday, October 31, 2008

William Balfour Infamous Criminal Activities

Chicago Il. --William “Flex” Balfour is indeed a very dangerous criminal. His past is further exposed by the following documents that include a pre-sentence report prepared by a Cook County Adult Probation officer. That report was used by the sentencing judge to determine his punishment after the carjacking where he nearly murdered the victim. Balfour is a consummate ghetto rat, tough guy, gang member and fool.

Police are still trying to unravel the true motive for the carnage with the help of an inside snitch. Julia Hudson, her dead brother, Jason along with her son Julian’s Father Gregory King and William Balfour were heavily involved with the Gangster Disciples street gang and drug dealing. Julia Hudson has been misleading the cops about the motive for the killings to sanitize her own conduct.

Both Julia Hudson and Jennifer Husdon are skipping the public service. I guess they have no interest in answering any questions about drugs and gangs in the family members of the media may ask.

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is incredibly lucky her talents took her away from her siblings and their risky lifestyle or she too may have been another murder victim.

The recovery and matching of that Sig-Saur, two-tone, P220, nine shot .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol to the crime is the clearest demonstration of the snitch’s credibility. The police had already searched the area but the snitch sent police back to the scene giving them a precise location and the weapon was recovered.

The sad part of the story was an innocent little boy surrounded with gangs, drugs and violence. Had he lived he may well have been just another Englewood hood rat.
Here are the records…


Anonymous said...

Paul, I think you need to recheck your facts.......

Pistols such as the Sig p220 are against the law in Chicago and have been against the law to own in Chicago since 1982. I mean only Police and Aldermen can legally possess a pistol such as that, in the 2nd city. Right ?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The gun was stolen from a Michigan Man and brought into Chicago. I just can’t understand why he’d dare break Mayor Daley’s gun ban.

Who in the world would ever violate that handgun ban...

Anonymous said...

illinois voter

are you serious?

Anonymous said...

I'm just making my point the hard way. Every time another senseless killing happens in the city , Shortshanks throws out another 10 second sound bite on the evening news to plug his anti gun agenda. His solution is to blame the inanimate object rather than the people and their behavior,

You know, the ones that have already chosen to ignore current existing the laws that...
1. Legislate the mere possession of a pistol within Chicago's city limits.
2. The possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
3. Murder.... It's still against the law.
What other extra charges can be totaled up ? No FOID etc...

Handgun's have been banned in Chicago from 1982 on . News flash ! IT'S NOT WORKING RICHIE!

The criminal element is going to continue to ignore any laws Daily passes.

I believe Paul understood where I was going with this by reading his comment here.

Honestly how can you stop the criminal element from using illegal guns? Fence off the city, install security scan gates at entry points and house to house searches? It's not going to happen. That would violate peoples rights.
Well Daily's solution is to legislate away honest law abiding peoples rights away and remove the right to have a means to defend themselves and their families ability to do so.

Shining examples of the crime rate in Washington DC and Chicago are blatantly obvious that it does not work.

Think of CPD officers that see the true underbelly of the city. How many of them do you wonder would like to see the city's regulations changed so it would be more reasonable for their Parents and Wife's / Husbands can protect themselves when they are away at work out on patrol.

Crime's a serious issue. It's time that Chicago started to do something with its people and educational development rather than just declare another B/S feel good law that solves nothing.
But watch the news and see what solution the mayor comes up with.
The city's in debt so He proposed to cut police hiring.

That should make the people safer....... in a gun free city (that's more sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

So, just when ARE they going to bring Miss Julia in for questioning? I for one have always believed that she knows more than she's telling. I'm no detective, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the HUGE holes in this woman's story.