Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let’s All Pretend Barack Obama Is Not A Marxist.

Orlando, Fl—It was indeed a rare sight, a TV news journalist asking a major Liberal candidate tough questions. That was the case with WFTV-TV Channel 9's Barbara West as she asked simple questions of Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden that every journalist should have but instead avoided asking,

Of course the questions involve Barack Obama’s candor about the application of the cornerstone of Marxism, redistributing the wealth when he was talking to the now famous, Joe the Plumber.

Barack Obama is a true Marxist but is too ashamed to stand up and be proud of his obvious indoctrination. Obama must think he can convince Americans that his “change” is somehow not what Karl Marx brought to so many infamous countries. It’s the same change that that brought misery to Russia, Cuba, China, Viet Nam, Cambodia and North Korea. It’s an old story where people are enslaved and productivity is enforced by the barrel of a gun rather than rewards.

Watch the interview that caused the Obama/Biden campaigns to blacklist WFTV-TV Channel 9 from future interviews.
Sit back and watch a few really simple questions threaten Joe Biden’s bad hair transplant.


Anonymous said...

SCC is reporting that all Chicago EMS and firefighter personnel must bring all of their gear home; to speed deployment, if they are off on Election Day. I have never seen anything like this before, what do they anticipate occurring?

Sarcasm and Silliness from a Windy City Cop
Sunday, October 26, 2008
More Paperwork
Something about this strikes us as slightly off. We just aren't sure what:


Chicago cops for the first time will have to photograph homes they search, in an effort to protect officers from false complaints, police said Friday.

The new order will require officers to make a log of what they find during a search and give a copy of the log to the person living there.

The order also will change how searches are supervised.

Last year, after officers in the Special Operations Section were arrested for allegedly stealing from citizens during searches, lieutenants were required to be present.

But that requirement is being scrapped to free up lieutenants for other duties. The department executes about 2,400 search warrants a year.

Are these going to be "before and after" pictures? We assume the pictures are to be taken as soon as the premises are secured, but now we're going to have an affiant, entry team, security team, search officer, inventory officer, and a paparazzi officer? Who's supplying these cameras? Film and film processing costs? Digital? Storage and software for chain of evidence issues? And what's to stop Joe Public from taking his own shots after CPD leaves and passing them off as the aftermath of a particularly "vigorous" search? These are questions it'd be nice to have answers to from someone in authority rather than the sketchy details provided by the Sun Times (and thanks again for keeping us informed via Department channels rather than through the media J-Fed)

And are they going to get D-2A for doing an Evidence Tech's job?

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What does the Fire Department know that we haven't heard yet?


Off-duty Chicago firefighters and paramedics have been ordered to take all of their gear home with them to speed deployment in the event of an emergency at Barack Obama's giant election night rally in Grant Park.

The order begins next Wednesday and continues until Nov. 6 -- two days after the election.

Firefighters have been ordered to take home gear that includes protective clothing known as bunker gear, gloves, face mask, helmet, boots and breathing apparatus tank.

"Speed deployment"? Does that mean they're taking fire trucks and ambulances home, too? Because last time we checked, firefighters had these big buildings scattered across the city where they could store all their equipment and trucks and ambulances. And as most firefighters live way south or way north, taking their equipment from the place it does the most good and then expecting them to rally at north or south side firehouses means we're going to have what? Ten and twelve man ambulance rigs and truck companies?

Someone please explain the purpose of this directive?

Anonymous said...

The international press is picking up the possibility of the "Obama Riots":