Monday, October 20, 2008

Los Angeles Is A Rapist’s Dream!

Los Angeles, CA—In the City of Angels the inmates are running the asylum. Women can’t carry firearms for protection and because of sheer recklessness rapists are going free.

Why you ask? It’s because the LAPD has let over 7000 rape evidence collection kits go untested. That caused hundreds of rape cases to run past the statute of limitations eliminating the possibility of prosecutions. Unforgivable you say? The city’s gun laws held the women down so the rapists could rape with impunity. Then the LAPD made sure the rapists would go free.

If you want to rape, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his solidly Democratic cronies on the city council has declared open season on women. This situation is unfolding as a state budget crisis is forcing the wholesale release of prison inmates.

If you like to kidnap and rape women the L.A. city government will protect you with severe gun laws and the city will fix your case and set you free.

Read more about this outrage here.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if LA is the rape capital, then Chicago is running a close second. We have the same situation;
no guns for anyone but the connected. We have cool artsy hoods
that are mixed w/ghetto thugs and career criminals. Just last year, a
young college girl was raped right behind the alderman's office. These
young pretty girls are bullshited into moving into this city and there's no infrastructure to protect them.
Naw, if your a rapist, dont spend the money on a ticket for LA. Stay in the midwest and Chicago; the whore liberal political network will keep you free to pursue your hobby..........