Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Iowa Will Not Appeal Mike Mette’s Case, He’s to be freed by the weekend.

Iowa—A sad chapter in Mike Mette’s life is over. Iowa authorities are processing and shuffling papers from the Iowa Appellate Court to the County Court and The Iowa Department of Corrections that will free Mette sometime before this weekend.

Mette was wrongfully convicted and given a five-year prison sentence in Iowa. A three judge panel cleared him of the conviction and ordered Mette's release after he had served an entire year behind bars.

Mette will be coming back to the Chicago police Department trading a prison jumpsuit for his old police uniform. He will be getting his star, shield and a new ID card as he makes a short stop to the Training Division where he will pick up new departmental orders and training materials. They have a short program for what are called “retreads” that left the department on leaves of absence and such so their training is current. That will include a trip to the firing range with his old service weapon.

I hope it’s off to the Fillmore District for Mette where he can once again have his life back. This is a good ending but for the loss of over a year of Mette’s life to an injustice. Welcome home Mike!

Update: It was a little after 3:30 PM, Wednesday when the prison’s doors swung open and Mike Mette was able to hug his parents and girlfriend on his way to a log awaited freedom. Mette appeared subdued but joyful as he carried out a box of his possessions.

The reports are that Mette will stay with friends tonight in Iowa and drive home in the morning. Another casualty of this sordid affair was the Mette family privacy. I’ve heard rumors about an FOP party in Chicago for Mette. I hope that the financial burden of this mess is retired for good as a result.

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