Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prosecutor Beating His Chest In Missing Wife Cases

Joliet, IL-- Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has a miserable life these days. He’s been hounded for more than a year to indict two men for murder with no evidence or even a body. The targets for prosecution are retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson and private investigator Craig Stebic.

Is it the families of the missing women ranting a raving for impossible prosecutions? Not really. Instead it’s a bunch of pathetic true crime story junkies that want to somehow be a part of these cases. These people don’t have a life and have way too much time on their hands. These concerned citizens troll the Internet consuming and spreading the worst kind of gossip. They think that they are somehow helping police and the potential victimized families.

The Illinois State Police and prosecutors are the object of wrath. Wrath facilitated by the Internet ramblings of the true crime busybodies. The officials can’t allow themselves to be seen as ineffective or unconcerned so they spin their wheels and beat their chests to convince the world they can convict people with paper thin or no evidence. The danger is that it’s way too easy to indict anyone for anything.

The Internet has created a new and just as ugly form of a lynch mob. Their hero is that washed up prosecutor who found new life by pandering to the dysfunctional busybodies and television addicts, Nancy Grace.

Prosecutors are political animals who don’t want to become targets for these inquiring minds.

Now James Glasgow has issued a press release to convince his constituents that he’s still alive and really earning his wages. Read his two page release here:

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