Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Julia Hudson Knows Who Killed Her Family.

Chicago, IL today Julia Hudson posted a personal message of sorrow and hope over the savage murders of her mother brother, and young son on her My Space page. The message has one glaring passage that's a clear accusation directed at her former husband William “Flex” Balfour. That passage reads, “NOW BECAUSE I CHOSE TO DO WHAT WAS NATURAL TO ME AND LOVE SOMEONE , IT COST ME MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL LOVING SUPPORTING MOTHER DARNELL, MY TRUE BLUE BABY BROTHER JASON , I LOVE U BIG BABY ...”

Julia Hudson faced up to the difficult reality that she brought the killer to her family. She will need a lot of help dealing with sad fact.

Often police share confidential portions of their investigations with homicide victim's survivors. It is clear Julia Hudson is now satisfied that no strangers committed this horrible act but the man she brought into their home.

My sources in Chicago tell me they are tying up loose ends and are very close to bringing murder and kidnapping charges against Balfour. They probably will seek a Grand Jury indictment. The homicide dicks handling the case will travel to Stateville prison in Joliet and pick up their suspect.

Balfour will be brought back to the Area One Detective Division and get booked for a morning court date. He will be held without bond, have an additional DOC parole violation hold on him and be housed in the Cook County Jail until his trial concludes in the next couple of years.

I expect these things will take place before the murdered Hudson family members are finally laid to rest after a star studded funeral service.

I do have one difficult question, why is Balfour still carried as a friend on Julia’s My Space page? Maybe she just forgot.

Here is some more information on Balfour.


Anonymous said...

Paul any word on the weapon used? Pistol ? Rifle ? Shotgun?
I mean Chicago's supposed to be handgun free.

What's the details on the weapon used in the murders? The press has been vague on the details

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be surprised if she had something to do with it.

somethings just don't seem right...

Anonymous said...

I really feel that the police should be taking a MUCH CLOSER LOOK to Julia herself. I'm sorry, but her "performance" when calling for the return of her son just didn't seem right. I'd be willing to say its not the estranged husband but someone else she dredged up from the pits of the internet to get cozy with. Trust me, theres more to this story. I just hope they truly INVESTIGATE all angles.

Anonymous said...

did police ever say how many days that baby had been dead when they found him? nope. i wonder why????