Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taxing Chicago to Death

Chicago, Il—With the highest sales taxes in the nation and astronomical parking garage taxes Chicago’s politicians have driven even their own residents to shop elsewhere.

The outrageous taxes make Chicago the place to avoid. There is little motivation for any commerce to remain inside the Windy City. Yet Chicago’s taxes are still being raised at every opportunity as services are being reduced.

Mayor Richard M. Daley along with Alderman Edward Burke has been strangling the life and blood from the city. Chicago was riding high on phony property values that are now dropping like a rock.

The tax base is evaporating and there is no end in sight. Imagine owning a loop specialty store waiting for Christmas shoppers that just refuse to accept Chicago’s taxing extortion. Depressing does not begin to describe that picture.

If the city would simply stop awarding make work contracts to politician’s campaign contributors. And begin a tax war competing to have the lowest taxes with the suburbs perhaps business and revenue would begin to return to the city.

I’m not sure what it will take to overthrow Daley, Burke and the others choking the breath out of what should be a huge thriving metropolis. Something has to give before Chicago becomes the biggest ghost town in America.


Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Chicago but left for the burbs many years ago. Chicago, located in Cook County, now pays 10.25% sales tax. A pack of cigarettes in Cook County is well over $7 because of all the county and local tax. Yes, people are shopping outside of the City, oh, by the way, bottled water also has a 5 cent tax on it, that idea also bombed, most are buying it outside the city. Da Mayor doesn't hesitate to spend money for his dream of getting the Olympics there though.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to overthrow the machine in Chicago; the vote is rigged and no way to obtain honest election.

Anonymous said...

Living so close to Indiana, thats where I go.