Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where Are We Headed?

Anarchy is an ugly word but it may come to pass here in America. Imagine another four or five weeks of continued stock market sliding and a 50% plus unemployment rate.

Government would be at a standstill with most operations shut down. Welfare checks would be suspended. Section Eight landlords would lose their properties. People would be hungry. Millions of drug addicts could no longer afford drugs to satisfy their habits.

Banks and cash run businesses have gotten by with no armed security and only cameras to deal with robbers. They'd be unable to cope with what's ahead for them. The proliferation of takeover armed robberies would make our 1929 Great Depression spawned gangster robberies seem like child’s play.

Our cell phone and Internet services would be interrupted in a huge way.

Police resources could not handle the reactionary breakdown of law and order. The crime wave would be staggering and prisoners everywhere would be released. The bloodletting in our streets would top that of Baghdad at its worst.

We could expect unparalleled property damage, overflowing morgues that would be unable to cope with the post mortem examinations would end follow-up police investigations. Our criminal justice system would be suspended. Our medical care facilities would be only able to deal with trauma cases. Millions of people would die for lack of treatment for cancer or high blood pressure related illnesses. Darwin's law would be the only law in our streets.

We are a much different America today with people who have been made totally dependent on government for support. A huge percentage of our population have been led to believe that government entitlements are an absolute right.

The lucky folks in the rural areas of our country will have much better access to food and be able to keep order with the heavy percentage of civilian gun ownership. They also are much more self-reliant than our inner city folks.

The political fight would be to install full blown Communism in America. That never worked anywhere else and it won’t work here either.

I have no faith in our politicians to be able to deal with that kind of a mess. We may be in for a really rough ride folks.


Joel A. Brodsky said...

I am not an economist, but I was a historian and political scientist by education. What we are going through is so close to what happened in the period before the great depression it is scary. The great depression was caused to a very great degree because banks and finance companies became overly invested leveraged stocks. When stocks had a downturn the banks couldn’t pay, the collateral (the underlying stocks) were insufficient, and the house of cards started to crumble. In order to prevent a repeat the government passed a law which said that banks couldn’t speculate in stocks. In the current crisis banks and financial companies invested in leveraged securities, but they weren’t technically stocks, but instead were mortgages and mortgage backed securities. When the real estate market had a downturn the banks and financial companies couldn’t pay, the collateral (the underlying mortgages) were insufficient, and the house of cards is crumbling. It looks to me like its deja vu all over again.

Ed Skinner said...

So, Joel, where should I put my money?

Anonymous said...

This is scary, America will regret not voting for Ron Paul:

Anonymous said...

This is coming, AmeriKA:

Arm up,stockpile food & water,commo gear and establish a network of like minded individuals.

Anonymous said...

This man is a true patriot:

Anonymous said...

What is coming here will make Hitler,Stalin and Pol Pot look innocuous.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Sarah Palin,we can only hope she has some influence in future affairs.

Anonymous said...

Whatever comes, there is no doubt that we are living in changing times, with change comes turbulence.

Better to be in Az. than L.A. in November.