Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicago’s Grant Park, The Epicenter For A Planned November 4th Insurrection

Chicago, IL— The Barack Obama campaign is planning a massive rally inside Grant Park. Chicago police will never get motivated in today’s political climate to even attempt to control this group once they get out of hand and they will get out of hand. All of Chicago’s strongest supporters of Obama will be on hand to totally destroy that city landmark if McCain wins and probably destroy it even if Obama wins in their jubilation.

If I owned property anywhere near Grant Park I’d board up the windows and hire people for security and fire control until the crowd estimated to be well beyond tens of thousands vacate the area. Preparations to accommodate that anticipated huge crowd in Grant Park are already underway.

News organizations covering this event need to send their only oldest equipment and give their people helmets and protective vests. I expect to see TV satellite and live trucks burned. There may be a price to pay for members of Chicago’s media that have trashed rank and file cops in recent times. I just can’t imagine cops risking their lives for anyone who they feel hate them.

The low paid and poorly trained private security people hired by the Obama people will be unarmed and themselves part of the problem.

News organizations will not be able to use helicopters because of Secret Service demands for a wide no fly zone. You can count on overflowing hospital emergency rooms everywhere.

The job of the US Secret Service is a simple one. At the first sign of trouble they will evacuate Obama and get out of Dodge.

Anyone who can escape working that night will be really lucky. Those working need to plan a quick getaway to safety.

The results of this planed disaster will gut an already bankrupt city. Whoever dreamed up this really dumb idea will get as much fame as Mrs. O’Leary and her cow.

Chicago police can be counted to toss a little tear gas around while they stand back and watch the revelers do their thing. Police officers smart enough to avoid conflicts and clashing with the crowd in any way will never face criminal charges of violating people’s civil rights. Chicago cops are extremely tired of listening to Chicago’s African-American reverends scream and whine every time they do their jobs. Of course that will change in a hurry if the crowd attacks the officers. If I were on the job today in Chicago I'd be planing ahead with my physician to be on the medical role November 4th.


Anonymous said...

Obama's even going to be charging fees to the press for spots to cover the event. The same press that's been kissing his rear for months now.

I wonder if the media will finally wake up.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect Chicago cops to protect members of the cop hating Chicago media.

Anonymous said...

You can count on taxpayers to foot the bills for the rally, medical care for the injured and killed. Don’t make me pay for the destroyed buses vehicles and burned buildings on account of that Obama Mutt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul! Can you use your influence and arrange to get my free Obama Kool Aid concession permit? I want to give Obama’s supporters a way to toast the victory or drown their sorrows if he does not win.

At least it would be peaceful for sure in Grant Park!

Anonymous said...

This may be a national night of mayhem, influential people and news sources are picking it up. I fear the worst will occur in Chicago though.

Leading The News
Police prepare for unrest

By Alexander Bolton
Posted: 10/21/08 07:58 PM [ET]

Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the historic presidential contest.

Public safety officials said in interviews with The Hill that the election, which will end with either the nation’s first black president or its first female vice president, demanded a stronger police presence.

Some worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in the election, violence could ensue in cities with large black populations. Others based the need for enhanced patrols on past riots in urban areas (following professional sports events) and also on Internet rumors.

Democratic strategists and advocates for black voters say they understand officers wanting to keep the peace, but caution that excessive police presence could intimidate voters.

Sen. Obama (Ill.), the Democratic nominee for president, has seen his lead over rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) grow in recent weeks, prompting speculation that there could be a violent backlash if he loses unexpectedly.

Cities that have suffered unrest before, such as Detroit, Chicago, Oakland and Philadelphia, will have extra police deployed.

In Oakland, the police will deploy extra units trained in riot control, as well as extra traffic police, and even put SWAT teams on standby.

“Are we anticipating it will be a riot situation? No. But will we be prepared if it goes awry? Yes,” said Jeff Thomason, spokesman for the Oakland Police Department.

“I think it is a big deal — you got an African-American running and [a] woman running,” he added, in reference to Obama and GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. “Whoever wins it, it will be a national event. We will have more officers on the street in anticipation that things may go south.”

The Oakland police last faced big riots in 2003 when the Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Officials are bracing themselves in case residents of Oakland take Obama’s loss badly.

Political observers such as Hilary Shelton and James Carville fear that record voter turnout could overload polling places on Election Day and could raise tension levels.

Shelton, the director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, said inadequate voting facilities is a bigger problem in poor communities with large numbers of minorities.

“What are local election officials doing to prepare for what people think will be record turnout at the polls?” said Shelton, who added that during the 2004 election in Ohio voters in predominantly black communities had to wait in line six to eight hours to vote.

“On Election Day, if this continues, you may have some tempers flare; we should be prepared to deal with that but do it without intimidation,” said Shelton, who added that police have to be able to maintain order at polling stations without scaring voters, especially immigrants from “police states.”

Carville, who served as a senior political adviser to former President Bill Clinton, said that many Democrats would be very angry if Obama loses. He noted that many Democrats were upset by Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) loss to President Bush in the 2004 election, when some Democrats made allegations of vote manipulation in Ohio, the state that ultimately decided the race.

Experts estimated that thousands of voters did not vote in Ohio because of poor preparation and long lines.
Carville said Democratic anger in 2004 “would be very small to what would happen in 2008” if the same problems arose.

Carville said earlier this month that “it would be very, very, very dramatic out there” if Obama lost, a statement some commentators interpreted as predicting riots. In an interview Tuesday, however, Carville said he did not explicitly predict rioting.

“A lot of Democrats would have a great deal of angst and anger,” said Carville, who predicted that on Election Day “the voting system all around the country is going to be very stressed because there’s going to be enormous turnout.”

Other commentators have made such bold predictions.

“If [Obama] is elected, like with sports championships, people may go out and riot,” said Bob Parks, an online columnist and black Republican candidate for state representative in Massachusetts. “If Barack Obama loses there will be another large group of people who will assume the election was stolen from him….. This will be an opportunity for people who want to commit mischief.”

Speculation about Election-Day violence has spread on the Internet, especially on right-wing websites.

This has caught the attention of police departments in cities such as Cincinnati, which saw race riots in 2001 after police shot a young black man.

“We’ve seen it on the Internet and we’ve heard that there could be civil unrest depending on the outcome of [the election,]” said Lt. Mark Briede of the Cincinnati Police Department. “We are prepared to respond in the case of some sort of unrest or some sort of incident.”

Briede, like other police officials interviewed, declined to elaborate on plans for Election Day. Many police departments have policies prohibiting public discussion of security plans.

James Tate, second deputy chief of Detroit’s police department, said extra manpower would be assigned to duty on Election Night. He said problems could flare whichever candidate wins.

“Either party will make history and we want to prepare for celebrations that will be on a larger scale than for our sports teams,” Tate said.

He noted that police had to control rioters who overturned cars after the Tigers won the 1984 World Series.

“We’re prepared for the best-case scenario, we’re prepared for the worst-case scenario,” he said. “The worst-case scenario could be a situation that requires law enforcement.”

But Tate declined to describe what the worst-case scenario might look like, speaking gingerly like other police officials who are wary of implying that black voters are more likely than other voting groups to cause trouble.

Shelton, of the NAACP, said he understands the need for police to maintain order. But he is also concerned that some political partisans may point their finger at black voters as potential troublemakers because the Democratic nominee is black.

Shelton said any racial or ethnic group would get angry if they felt disenfranchised because of voting irregularities.

Police officials in Chicago, where Obama will hold a Nov. 4 rally, and Philadelphia are also preparing for Election Day.

“The Chicago Police Department has been meeting regularly to coordinate our safety and security plans and will deploy our resources accordingly,” said Monique Bond, of the Chicago Police Department.

Frank Vanore, of the Philadelphia Police Department, said officials were planning to mobilize to control exuberant or perhaps angry demonstrations after the World Series, which pits the Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays.

He said the boosted police activity would “spill right over to the election.”

Leading The News
Police prepare for unrest

By Alexander Bolton

Anonymous said...

Could an Obama loss spark race riots?
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 9/30/2008 8:30:00

A political scientist at a Christian college in New York City warns that if Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama loses the election on November 4, race riots could break out in large U.S. cities.

A recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll suggested Senator Obama's race could cost him up to six percentage points on election night. David Corbin, a politics professor at The King's College, contends there is potential for public riots the night of or after the election, if Obama's lead in the polls does not translate into victory.

"I don't think that's something that we've looked at very closely, and I think that this could be a powder keg here as we get towards that day, given that Senator Obama is an African-American and given that there might be some backlash if he actually loses," Corbin explains.

Corbin notes that seemingly small stories involving O.J. Simpson and Rodney King have brought into play terrible riots in major cities across the U.S. "I think a lot of people are looking to an Obama presidency to affirm the notion that somehow Americans aren't racist and, if for some reason Senator Obama loses, then it's just, 'Oh well, it's said and done. We must be a racist nation,'" Corbin adds.

People who fuel that claim of racism, according to Corbin, do damage to one of Senator Obama's main themes -- moving beyond a red-and-blue, or black-and-white America.

Interesting comment posted under this article:

"After months of denying the Chicago police Dept. was planning for riots if Obama wins ore loses the election an internal memo has surfaced to confirm the concern. Supt. Jody Weis has updated a memo that set forth plans if the Cubs or Sox went into the World Series. It planned for celebratory unrest and or mass arrests. The order was updated to include election night and possible violent riots! The internal memo dated 22 Sept 08 asks all police units to take inventory of tear gas (pepper spray) and dispensers along with CS gas (military tear gas) and dispensers. Units are to have their request for emergency purchase orders in by 3 Oct 08. What was added to the Cubs/Sox order was planning on the anticipated monitoring of planned and coordinated civil disobedience. (i.e. celebration riots if Obama wins & violent riots if he losses)."

Anonymous said...

"Those 'quiet riots' that take place every day are born from the same place as the fires and the destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths," Obama said.

He introduced his own pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United as "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian."

Anonymous said...

SCC is reporting that all Chicago EMS and firefighter personnel must bring all of their gear home; to speed deployment, if they are off on Election Day. I have never seen anything like this before, what do they anticipate occurring?

Sarcasm and Silliness from a Windy City Cop
Sunday, October 26, 2008
More Paperwork
Something about this strikes us as slightly off. We just aren't sure what:


Chicago cops for the first time will have to photograph homes they search, in an effort to protect officers from false complaints, police said Friday.

The new order will require officers to make a log of what they find during a search and give a copy of the log to the person living there.

The order also will change how searches are supervised.

Last year, after officers in the Special Operations Section were arrested for allegedly stealing from citizens during searches, lieutenants were required to be present.

But that requirement is being scrapped to free up lieutenants for other duties. The department executes about 2,400 search warrants a year.

Are these going to be "before and after" pictures? We assume the pictures are to be taken as soon as the premises are secured, but now we're going to have an affiant, entry team, security team, search officer, inventory officer, and a paparazzi officer? Who's supplying these cameras? Film and film processing costs? Digital? Storage and software for chain of evidence issues? And what's to stop Joe Public from taking his own shots after CPD leaves and passing them off as the aftermath of a particularly "vigorous" search? These are questions it'd be nice to have answers to from someone in authority rather than the sketchy details provided by the Sun Times (and thanks again for keeping us informed via Department channels rather than through the media J-Fed)

And are they going to get D-2A for doing an Evidence Tech's job?

Labels: department issues

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What does the Fire Department know that we haven't heard yet?


Off-duty Chicago firefighters and paramedics have been ordered to take all of their gear home with them to speed deployment in the event of an emergency at Barack Obama's giant election night rally in Grant Park.

The order begins next Wednesday and continues until Nov. 6 -- two days after the election.

Firefighters have been ordered to take home gear that includes protective clothing known as bunker gear, gloves, face mask, helmet, boots and breathing apparatus tank.

"Speed deployment"? Does that mean they're taking fire trucks and ambulances home, too? Because last time we checked, firefighters had these big buildings scattered across the city where they could store all their equipment and trucks and ambulances. And as most firefighters live way south or way north, taking their equipment from the place it does the most good and then expecting them to rally at north or south side firehouses means we're going to have what? Ten and twelve man ambulance rigs and truck companies?

Someone please explain the purpose of this directive?

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that the police officers will be the ones who get the blame when things go bad and they will go bad just like when the Bulls were on top.

It's a no win for the police and a chance for Fire Fighters to get hurt. I say let the damn city burn.