Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amy Jacobson, WBBM-TV/CBS2 and That Nasty Lawsuit

Chicago, IL—This CBS owned and operated station just fired their general Manager, Joe Ahern. That not an unusual event in the volatile times of today’s television and news business.

Ahearn is a key player in that lawsuit brought by former WMAQ-TV reporter, Amy Jacobson. Jacobson became a sordid and unnecessary news story at CBS2 while she was doing a risky undercover assignment. That story involved the year-old Lisa Stebic missing person case Jacobson was doing at NBC5. CBS2 was out-of-bounds in their salacious report and ultimately it cost Jacobson her job, home and more.

CBS2 now needs Ahearn’s full cooperation to fight Jacobson’s litigation and now that appears doubtful. It’s anyone’s guess what’s next as this all falls into the hands of the new GM, Mark "Bruno" Cohen.

Jacobson who is an award winning reporter has her own fan base. Jacobson retained a big gun litigator, filed suit and has been trying to get her life back. The litigation can go on for years.

I have the solution, I think. CBS2 should bring Jacobson into their shop, give her a three year contract as a general assignment reporter and all parties can stop killing good trees making paper for this knockdown, drag out legal fight.

I talked with Jacobson recently and she simply wants to return to Chicago’s television news. Jacobson still has her talent, ability and can hold a television audience. I know she’d trade the lawsuit for a decent chance to return to doing what she loves.

Stranger things have happened in the TV news business. Perhaps some fence mending may save a lot of money in these cash strapped times for television news. Bringing Jacobson into CBS2 will probably also help their ratings.


Anonymous said...

Let’s see:
1. $100,000.00 saved in CBS litigation costs.
2. Possibility of CBS paying a whopping jury verdict.
3. Bringing a ready for prime time reporter into CBS2.
4. Fostering good will while taking Jacobson’s fans from NBC5.

CBS2 needs you on their payroll too. You make it look all so easy!

It's Not All Real said...

I never saw the big deal at the time, only a reporter going after a story. CBS threw one of their own (even though a rival station)under the bus to get a story where there was none.

Anonymous said...

reality check: for Amy Jacobson to start working for the newsroom at CBS 2 - she would have to work directly for the nefarious news director, there - Carol Fowler - who was the manager DIRECTLY responsible for the airing of that specially-edited, prurient, false visual of Amy. Talk about making a deal with the Devil ! Take a look at the raw video CBS 2 reporter Mike Puccinelli fed back to his station - then view the EDITED version and it will become wholly apparent Fowler allowed her professional jealousy reign over common decency and any kind of human integrity. Fowler was cold enough to put off the tearful pleas of Lisa Stebic's family - as they begged for her to not air that tape. But she did it anyway - even with the knowledge that their predictions of Lisa's story becoming buried in the onslaught of the worldwide firestorm that dwarfed her plight, in the days that followed! THAT is the manager to whom Amy would need to answer, every day. Your idea is a simplistic fantasy.

Anonymous said...

It's about time that idiot Joe Ahern got a taste of his own medicine. I will never forgive him for firing the lovely Stacia Dubin from her morning newscast years ago. I used to get out of bed early just to watch her program. She was beautiful, down to earth, and had a girl next door charm that I miss.
Wherever you are Stacia, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

A 3-year contract at report top scale would cost them a lot less than defending the suit, even if they won. They should throw in a "signing bonus" equal to the pay she's lost since being fired. And, a public apology would damage their credibility less than the law suit.

Anonymous said...

Is Carol Fowler next at CBS...well she should be. I don't know how she sleeps at night knowing she ruined a person's career, affected her life, her family. And all for what, to try to get some would take alot more for CBS to get some ratings at this point.