Friday, October 24, 2008

Why There Are Long Voter Lines…

What’s the solution? Voters need to read and mark a sample ballot before they get to the polling place.

Ballots are often long and confusing to some voters. Those ballots include bond issues and propositions. It is a lot of reading material. More importantly too many people are really dumb. Voters don’t bother reading anything sent to them by their election commissions including the sample ballot they send out.

It’s evident that most voters have seen the ballot for the very first time once their inside the voting booth.

Poll workers should be handing sample ballots to voters standing in those long lines but they seldom are smart enough to do that. Additional real problems involve the pathetic literacy skills of voters. Bi-lingual ballots don’t help if people can’t read their native language either.

Voters should be in and out of their booth in less than one minute.

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