Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Have a Right to a Speedy Trial Unless Your Name is Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL—In America we pride ourselves on the Bill of rights. The problem is that the older our Bill of Rights becomes, the more exceptions to liberty is carved away by the courts.

Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson had no criminal record but become a so called “person of interest” in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson. At least one witness told police that Stacy told him how she planned on disappearing because she wanted to end her relationship with her much older husband.

The disappearance of Stacy Peterson caused a new investigation into the unfortunate death of Peterson’s third wife Kathleen Savio that was ruled earlier as a bathtub related accident. Peterson did not have legal access or keys to enter the home where the young woman died. Accident or even murder this is still a real whodunit.

A second and then a third autopsy of Savio’s remains were done years later. The results were called murder and with no eye witnesses, physical evidence cops and prosecutors want to rely on what Kathleen is credited with telling Stacy Peterson and others about Drew Peterson. Savio’s divorce and financial demands against Peterson obviously colored and motivated any of Savio’s alleged remarks. Savio’s family clearly has a financial interest in convicting Drew Peterson since there is ongoing civil litigation. Family members have claimed to be witnesses to the hearsay statements.

Hearsay has no place in a courtroom outside of a Police State such as The Peoples Court of Germany during the Third Reich. That did not stop Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow from asking for a special hearsay exception law to use against a suspect he had no admissible evidence to convict. The Legislature and Governor quickly approved the yet to be tested Drew Peterson Law and Peterson was quickly indicted and arrested for Murder.

Bail was set at an unheard of $20 million without a single hint that Peterson was a flight risk or danger to the community. That kind of bail is reserved for cases with the proof is evident and the presumption of guilt is great. They made yet another exception for drew Peterson.

Peterson was ready for trial many months ago but court ruled against the prosecution on most of the unreliable hearsay evidence Glasgow needed to try this paper thin case. Glasgow has appealed the court’s rulings and as a result Drew Peterson must endlessly wait for his day in court locked in a jail cell.

Peterson has lost well over a year of his life already without being convicted of any offense whatsoever. The excessive bail stands as a novel and un-American hearsay law and related lower court rulings slowly grinds through the higher courts of Illinois.

Peterson is not being punished for any crime, but merely for his redundant nationally televised, and vocal denials of involvement in with the fate of two ex-wives. Peterson has become a person that everyone including that blindfolded Lady Justice now loves to hate.

Drew Peterson was jailed for no other reason because he proclaimed his innocence and criticized the efforts of the law enforcement agents and agencies for their efforts to arrest and convict him at any cost. Peterson was jailed simply as a way to silence him.

Drew Peterson’s rights to reasonable bail along with a speedy and fair trial have all been violated by every branch of government.

I sat at a fact-finding lunch with both Drew Peterson and his lead lawyer Joel Brodsky only a week before his indictment, and that pre-arranged, staged television news photo opportunity of the arrest.

At the lunch I don’t think Brodsky had even a clue to what new legal lows Glasgow would stoop to in his absolute perversion the prosecution process.


Anonymous said...


I see Stacy Peterson with a hispanic boyfriend, formerly from the Joliet area, now together down in Mexico, somewhere around a beautiful body of water.

Anonymous said...

James Glasgow should be disbarred!

Anonymous said...

Should you get millons of dollars for being held as a pre-trial detainee when found not guilty??

The Govt needs to be held accountable for its prosecutions.

You cannot replace time.

Anonymous said...

A WHITE man has no rights in America now.

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Its Happening...

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The USA has become a true fascist society, worse then the Soviet Union. May the pending civil war come soon...

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Sorry Paul

I know you were rooting for him.