Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why the NRA Supports Some Democrats

Fairfax, VA—In this election like never before some Conservative gun owners have criticized the National Rifle Association for supporting the campaigns of some Democrats.

I guess some people are not smart enough to understand that the NRA and its membership are all about the single issue of Gun Rights. The NRA asks politicians at every level of government to support and defend those rights. Democrats are usually weak and Republicans are usually strong for gun owners. Of course there are a minority of politicians from both sides that don’t always follow their party lines.

Having lobbied politicians for many years I have learned there are those Republicans that hate gun rights and will vote for every gun ban they possibly can. In addition there are those GOP pretenders that are just weak on this issue. On the other hand there are Democrats that have always supported gun rights.

The biggest current controversy is over NRA support for Nevada’s Harry Reid. Harry Reid is a nasty Leftist but he’s never hurt gun owners. His vote has always been on the right side of the gun issue. The NRA would be disloyal to come out in support of a new pro-Gun Rights Republican politician when Reid has always done what the NRA membership has asked him.

To demand that the NRA only support Republicans would be asking them to support Gun Rights haters like Meg Whitman, pretending to be a Conservative. Democrat and Leftist Jerry Brown who has always been decent in supporting Gun Rights, deserves the vote of Gun Rights advocates for that California’s Governor race. Meg Whitman would be a disaster for gun owners.

The NRA can’t afford to be fickle and disown their friends in the Democratic Party. On the other hand today’s GOP blindly supports plenty of pretenders who hate Gun Rights. The GOP has been infiltrated during the last four decades by Progressive Leftists and the long list of pathetic people they’ve supported for our nation’s highest office has been a disgrace. The GOP leadership is not just weak on Gun Rights but on nearly every Conservative issue.

I’d like to think that there are plenty of Gun Rights advocates out there that are smart enough to vote for the candidate that supports Gun Rights and all the other important Conservative issues. Harry Reid should be punished by Conservative voters because of his other political misdeeds, not over Gun Rights.

I think the GOP leadership has done much more damage to Gun Rights than gun owners realize. Gun owners would be better served venting their wrath on the Leftists inside the GOP leadership.


Anonymous said...

Spot on again.NRA single goal is to promote firearm safety and marksmanship and to protect the Second Amendment.

Most voters are single issue types and no politician can appease everyone on all issues.

Anoun Amouse said...

Gun rights FIRST. I know some very liberal people who are spot on about the 2nd ammendment. A TRUE liberal would support the WHOLE bill of rights.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong.

Harry Reid has NOT been a reliable supporter of the second amendment.

He voted FOR Sotomayor and Kagan. He does not deserve the support of ANY gun owner.

A Loyal Reader

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I'm no fan of Reid but on all simple gun rights votes he's delivered. He has also supported many gun hating politicians. I still understand the logic of the NRA. I hope to see Reid Retired and replaced by a liberty loving Conservative.