Thursday, October 21, 2010

Actor, Mel Gibson May be Closer To Being Rid of his Nightmare

Los Angeles, CA--According to postings over at, Oksana Grigorieva’s computer data was seized by sheriff’s investigators armed with a search warrant. I suspect a full forensic examination of this computer may reveal evidence of a conspiracy to commit extortion. E-mails, chat histories, visited websites will lead to many additional avenues to locate evidence.

TMZ also reported that Grigorieva’s unlicensed convicted felon bodyguard, Kristian Herzog is exploring publishing a book that will chronicle his alleged sexual relationship and other activities with her. I can’t imagine sheriff’s investigators not grilling this fellow about any evidence of Grigorieva’s efforts to mislead police and prosecutors. The bodyguard reportedly has loads of text messages and other scandalous pillow talk material he’s marketing while it’s hot. Selling his story and material would however cheapen it's value as evidence in any courtroom.

I would not be surprised to learn that other people's computers have been seized by investigators during this investigation. I'm sure that Grigorieva had plenty of pals giving her advice on how to victimize Gibson that may now face conspiracy charges too.

The information on Grigorieva’s computer will never see the inside of any courtroom as evidence without a live witness that can testify about it because it would be considered hearsay. Prosecutors may well provide immunity to the bodyguard for his crime of acting as a PI without a license and other potential matters in exchange for his testimony. He is said to already be on probation.

Grigorieva’s banking records will also provide plenty of evidence that may be this woman’s undoing. I suspect that Grigorieva’s latest lawyers including the Grand Dame of all Bottom Feeders, Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom will be withdrawing like all the others. Grigorieva will however, wind up with a criminal lawyer who will have to deal with allegations of extortion and possible conspiracy.

I’m going out on a limb to predict that Grigorieva will lose any hope of more payments from Gibson as her parental rights to the child are severed as this extortion investigation explodes in both a family court and a criminal court.

An Update:

Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyer filed a motion seeking return of a copy of the mirror data image of her MacBook Pro hard drive seized from a Fountain Valley private investigation firm.

The search warrant could only have been issued if there was probable cause of a felony crime, and an explanation of what evidence they expected to find.

The felony crime involved is extortion however the Probable Cause Affidavit is still under seal. This affidavit explains the Sheriff’s case and sources for information that justified the warrant. The Sheriff’s response to Oksana Grigorieva’s motion revealed some telling details of the criminal investigation.

It is clear from the Sheriff’s response to the motion Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyer filed that she’s apparently is in a heap of trouble. All signs point in the direction that the little Russian lady may be taking the Perpwalk very soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope they deport that Russian whore from our soil!

Mel Supporter said...

Paul great post. From the beginning I’ve supported Mel Gibson. I even gave the below message about him at my church. It is a Biblical analogy between Mel and the Sampson of the Bible. Remember Delilah was hired to take down Sampson all for lots of money. I gave the below message, as I was displeased that their was no voice heard from the church. Thanks you for not shooting a wounded but great man.!/video/video.php?v=1580466156271

Rue St. Michel said...

If she needs a place to stay I've got room on top of my piano for her.

Anonymous said...

Strange that during this alleged scandal all we saw and heard was Mel....but now that there is updates to this, we see and hear nothing! I guess that is what you get in the liberal media and liberal hollywood when you are a conservative! Mainstream media sucks! Thank you for keeping us informed! God Bless Mel, and hopefully there will be apologies coming his way...Don't hold your breath!

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming Liberals for this mess! It is Jewish owned media, and they may be 'liberal' bu tthat does not encompass all liberals! SO stop it, please! It's like saying all blacks now hate Mel or all Jews now hate Mel (they don't some are Mel supporters). PLease. Stop saying that.

I'm a liberal and I am a die hard Mel supporter.

Chicken said...

Hi Paul,

Thx for your posting, good read...

I linked to this article in my forum to let my users have a good read!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your take on the circus. My own anger at the cheap piano player is for the total disrespect for domestic violence victims and the hard-working police officers who try so hard to be kind, fair and ensure everyone's safety. The whole issue of 'gaming the system' has me infuriated. Thank you.