Friday, October 01, 2010

Californians Can Rejoice Marijuana is all but legal!

Los Angeles, CA—I don’t care what they do with drug legalization it will never cause me to become a user. Hell it’s all my physician can do just to get me to take the crap she insists that I take.

Now those happy cannabis consumers can lite up as long as they don’t get caught possessing more than an ounce, with little fear. The most that can happen now is a citation will be issued to appear in court. No arrests, no fingerprints, no mug shot and no perp walk! Of course you will have to pay your dealer for more weed since the cops will still confiscate the evidence.

They do want $100.00 from you as a fine you can pay by mail. Of course you have a right to make them prove their case in court. Let’s take a look at that cost. I have deliberately estimated this as conservatively as I can. The real cost to taxpayers could be double.

For the police stop, report, and property impound: $175.00

For a lab report end expert testimony in court: $500.00

Overtime pay for cop to appear in court: $200.00

For holding court on the matter: $300.00

Total cost to the city and county: $1,175.00

If they find you guilty their take is nearly a negative $1,100.00 (Oops! Bad idea)

If you do the math here it’s a lot better for the taxpayers if the cops just don’t get make these arrests.

This will not be so nice if you’re caught driving your car under the influence of the stinkweed you will wish you stayed home instead. Get ready for your perp walk and some very expensive high times.

This new law will not help the profits of the numerous Medical Marijuana providers since you get to cut out the cost of the doctor visit. Now there no more need for those expensive trips to Amsterdam unless you go there just to visit the pretty little dutch girls in the windows along the canal.

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