Monday, October 04, 2010

Why Our Education System is a Failure

Today Americans are as ignorant as ever. Americans have little understanding of our concept of government, and a shocking number can’t form a few simple sentences on paper to form a coherent paragraph.

Our Hispanic immigrants can’t read nor write in English or even their native Spanish as they proudly waive the flag of the nation they ran away from.

I have to put the blame on teachers and their Socialist controlled unions for the Conspiracy of Failure. Socialism can only exist and survive with widespread deprivation, poverty and ignorance. An educated population threatens Socialism and creates an automatic conflict of interest for our educators that actually educate.

A simple question I can put out to everyone. is what percentage of teachers you have had that was excited and inspirational about teaching you? The answer is always the same, less than ten percent.

To be a teacher you must win the attention of students. Teachers must be inspired about what they teach or they are unable to inspire anyone. Instead of inspiring they simply watch the classroom time pass. Oh what a relief it is to hear that dismissal bell.

Teachers are entertainers by default, after all they have a stage and these days have great multimedia tools to inspire kids to learn not just in class but from every possible source. Teachers must show the children just how and why the information they are getting will improve their life.

I never had a single teacher that would dare explain how knowledge and productivity can generate wealth. Kids today all want cell phones, Ipods, Computers, flashy cars, clothes and cameras. Where can they learn how to obtain these necessities?

Teachers refuse to tell our children that education is the path to major wealth. Instead teachers give our children the message that wealth is somehow evil in true Socialist tradition.

There must be some kind of a political correctness thing not to dare suggest to the kids in poor areas that their parents are parasites on society and big losers. This is precisely what the kids need to understand and that there is a very simple way out of poverty in America through education.

Teachers must be forced to entertain, captivate and inspire. Teachers have to be excited about the subject they teach and do so with visible energy. Teaching the wonders of science or telling the life and death importance of history should bring thrills to any classroom. Instead union teachers drone on at a snail’s pace sending the kids off to daydreams totally unrelated to what their class is about.

Unfortunately teachers are never taught the theatrical skills needed to do their jobs. Teaching is indeed a privilege.

I became a law enforcement/ Security firearms instructor nearly two decades ago. On weekends I taught thousands of people required classes they needed to obtain concealed weapons permits.

I taught safety, marksmanship, simple defensive tactics and conflict avoidance. I taught them what they needed to know about the law and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.

The idea was so my students could safely keep loaded guns in their homes or on their persons for defensive purposes. Most importantly to make sure that the students could defend themselves reasonably and avoid mistakes that can get them killed or sent to prison.

I used lots of visual aids, video, to do this. Playing a few police, 911 telephone recordings of some well-known local very violent events always captivated my students. They all understood the importance and value of understanding what I was teaching as a result. All of my students graduated with an “A” even on the complicated legal issues.

If I can teach jaded adults about criminal law, why can’t math and English teachers instruct kids? The three R’s are the building blocks to wealth, productivity and the American dream.

I cannot help but to believe there has been a conspiracy to keep America poor and ignorant.


Sheepdog said...

They say children are the future, if this government spent as much money on education as much as they spend on war, our country would be significantly different

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The Socialist are always willing to throw more taxpayer money at what really is nothing more than day-care for the children of the USA and Central America.

Babysitting does nothing for anyone’s future except of course over-paid babysitters.

Anonymous said...

The dems want votes, which is why if any kind of "amnesty" is pushed through for the 12 million + illegals already here, it must be limited to resident alien status only! There should be no reward of citizenship (meaning the right to vote) to anyone who got here illegally.

OK, let them stay, but as resident aliens. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

They say children are the future, if this government spent as much money on education as much as they spend on war, our country would be significantly different

October 04, 2010 10:04 AM

Money is not the answer to everything.

In fact, money is usually the cause of more problems than it's worth.

Teaching is an avocation, not a means to make a buck.

The combination of greedy 'tenured' psuedo teachers, greedy education system administration 'managers', greedy education industry monopolists, and greedy political agenda driven government control freaks has stifled and discouraged far more children and young adults than at any time in our nation's history.

Note that the descriptive word 'greedy' applies only to those whose shoe fits and that the adage 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' also applies.

Even sincere and talented authentic teachers are impeded by the above greedy motherfuckers.

Government education monopolies have been the bane of every failed society, and it appears that our society is proving to be no exception.

However, the hope we now have, of salvaging what remains of our nation's present and future generations, rests in the giant gorilla in the room, ie., the World Wide Web.

Both parents and students now have the option, via a now common internet connection, of having access to knowledge so broad and varied that the traditional classroom instruction environments only remain essential and valid for the elements of education that require authentic and effective hands on experiences.

The acquisition of information/knowledge on practically every subject area known to man is, or will be, available/accessible to anyone with sufficient financial means to purchase/build a computer and internet service.

'Seek and Ye Shall Find' is the natural state of mind for a majority of our children and the Internet provides the means which far too many government operated and controlled educational facilities fail miserably at doing.

Compelled boredom cannot be the standard imposed upon our nation's future adult citizens, not if we, as a free nation, are to endure and prosper.

It's not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Negroes/illegal beanos,and those that support them.