Friday, October 01, 2010

Stephen Peterson, Punished for being the Son of a Murder Suspect

Bolingbrook, IL—Drew Peterson was under suspicion for the death of his third wife. Peterson was also being investigated over the disappearance of his fourth wife who told friends she was leaving her husband by sneaking away. There is no tangible evidence that the missing wife has been injured or killed by Peterson.

Drew Peterson decided to deliver some of his gun collection to his Oak Brook, IL police officer son, Stephen Peterson. There is not a single shred of evidence or even a theory that Peterson’s guns were used in a crime. There is no hint of an evidence tampering case with this transfer.

It’s very common for cops going on vacation to deliver their guns to fellow cops so they won’t be taken in a burglary of their vacant home. With the actions of the State police and Will County State’s attorney’s office Drew Peterson presumably felt his arrest was imminent so leaving them in his home was a potential risk.

Drew Peterson took some guns including his infamous SWAT team rifle over to the younger Peterson for safekeeping. I think it’s also fair to say it never entered the young officer’s mind to begin measuring the barrels of his father’s guns. The only real issue was safe storage for public safety. The guns were not used in crimes before and the idea was to keep it that way.

The younger Peterson turned over his father’s guns to police officials when asked to do so rather than try to conceal them. Subsequently they arrested the elder Peterson for Unlawful Use of a Weapon (by mere possession) before they bothered to read the law, specifically the Law Enforcement Officer’s safety Act enacted by Congress.

The LEOSA enables police to own certain weapons even if their own department prohibited them for duty use. The Petersons did not make the law, nor did they somehow break it.

To put additional pressure on the elder Peterson officials have sought to punish the children of Drew Peterson. Coincidentally it’s no secret that Stephen Peterson is the default caregiver for his tender-aged siblings. The now, motherless children’s quality of life hangs in the balance of the continuing blunders of public officials.

The court decision in the Will County Circuit Court should either end the suspension of the younger Peterson from his police position or put it on hold pending further Appellate Court action.

Of course if they just want to torture the elder Peterson by punishing his innocent children they will move forward to fire the young cop. Perhaps the police and fire commissioners in Oak Brook can be fair now that they know no laws were broken by their officer. If they can’t be fair they do not deserve the public’s trust to hold office.

There is nothing different about the Peterson case that would merit the wholesale of violation of the Civil Rights of anyone. Police should continue to investigate and move forward on any and all suspects including Drew Peterson if there is credible evidence to do so.

The Will Country State’s Attorney wants Drew Peterson in prison. He above all people must respect every suspect’s rights, and the concept of Due Process of law. Right now Illinois State Police and the State’s Attorney are emulating the infamous German Justice, circa 1943 under National Socialism.

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