Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mel Gibson’s Mega-Mess

Los Angeles, CA—Mel Gibson entered his middle age crisis and hit a huge land mine. Her name is Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian immigrant and aspiring singer. Gibson stepped out of his long time marriage for a fling and wound up with a new baby. This was the result of Gibson’s little head telling the big head what to do.

The much younger Grigorieva quickly adapted to Gibson’s lavish wealth. I can’t help but believe she was a cunning predator with a big plan.

If Grigorieva somehow got pregnant that Catholic actor, would only do the right thing and be a father. Grigorieva did not want a father for the child but the lavish life sans, Gibson. The monthly child support checks would buy lots more than baby food and diapers. The kid is an absolute gold mine for this young woman.

Next, was the obligatory domestic discord. Gibson is well-known for his emotional outbursts and rants. He has no history of violence he simply likes to hear himself yell. Gibson has those buttons and when pushed he will blurt things out he does not mean and will regret later. Grigorieva pushed the buttons, along with the start switch on her recorder.

The loss of a dental cap with no trauma to her lips warrants a trip to the dentist and pictures to bolster Grigorieva’s claim of a beating. This story and the photos smell. Even Gibson’s long suffering wife, Robin didn’t buy that scam.

Grigorieva runs off to a legal, bottom feeder to get a demand in for a king’s ransom settlement. The agreement would protect Gibson’s reputation and prevent the star from taking a nasty perp-walk over criminal domestic violence allegations.

When Gibson refused to play Grigorieva’s way, it brought an apocalyptic meltdown. Horrific, world wide publicity exploded, his talent agent severed ties, and now millions had to be spent on lawyers.

Grigorieva hands are way too dirty. Lawyer after lawyer has accepted non-refundable retainers from her as they quickly withdrew from her case. Lawyers usually have escape clauses in their retainer agreements for clients that lie to them. Lies or not, the lawyers cannot testify against their clients under most conditions.

Police are confounded by monumental obstacles that most likely interfere with any criminal prosecution of Gibson. There is the issue of the surreptitious recordings made by Grigorieva and their inadmissibility in court against Gibson.

Prosecutors must determine whether to prosecute Grigorieva for the felony crime of making the recordings themselves. There is the not so small issue of criminal extortion. Most people don’t seem to know that you can’t threaten to report someone to police unless they come to a financial agreement. It’s documented that Grigorieva tried to work out a $15 million golden parachute for her silence.

For the love child, this is indeed horrible. Thankfully, no matter what his mother does right or wrong the kid will be well-supported at least with Gibson’s cash. I’d hope for a much better solution. That Grigorieva has her parental rights to the child severed and the kid is raised by Gibson. Gibson has demonstrated that he can raise children with his ex-wife Robin.

Gibson should get his life returned and perhaps Grigorieva should return where she came from, that is after she completes her court imposed punishment for extortion.

Whatever happens it will cost Gibson many millions of dollars.

I have a saying about justice I developed in 1989, “If justice happens, it’s usually by accident and for all the wrong reasons.”


Anonymous said...

Mel needs to sever ties with the "Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth", aka the Catholic Church. Revelations 17 doesn't pull any punches and if he calls himself a Christian, then it's time to start living a Christian lifetyle or stfu about it.

I agree that Mel and his wife should raise the "love child" and the mistress harlot put on the next boat back to Russia.

Evil women like her should be scarred across the cheek with a deep knife gash to warn anyone she encounters to save another much grief.

Anonymous said...

This Russian douchebag was advised by a gun-packing convicted felon. It’s easy to see her camp is loaded with extortionists and criminals.

Ever since Mel did that Passion of Christ film and, The Patriot, Jew and Communist dominated Hollywood has been out to silence and destroy Mel.

The distribution of Mel’s films has come to an end. Mel will never recover as an artist because of anti-catholic bigotry. He will never be seen in another film that is produced through normal Hollywood channels.