Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Great Divider’s Last Stand

Washington, DC—Elected nearly two years ago on a platform of transparency, an obviously false promise against any tax increase for middle class Americans along with the creation of needed new jobs Barack Obama has delivered nothing except government tyranny.

Instead of transparency, Obama assembled a group of Communists and such that worked behind closed doors dismantling free enterprise, destroyed competition with bogus bailouts as they nationalized banks and automakers.

The Obama appointees were creating a system of slavery forcing productive Americans to pay for the entitlement addicted and that never ending tidal wave of illiterate and needy illegal immigrants trespassing on our soil.

The country has never been this divided and was and is well on the way to Civil War.

The election Tuesday is referendum on Obama and his fellow socialists in our Congress. The polls all seem to indicate the long overdue flushing of a lot of Socialist incumbent’s careers will begin.

They want to blame George Bush when it was Congress that forced ever mortgage lender to risk our entire economy on millions of risky home loans doomed to failure.

Barack Obama and his group of rogues set out to nationalize healthcare and insurance industries despite what the majority wanted or were willing to pay for. Never mind that the whole program was un-American and unconstitutional.

I’ve been convinced that Obama will be forcibly removed from the Whitehouse before his term expires in 2012 if the Obama majority is defeated.

In January it will be raining Congressional subpoenas inviting current and former Whitehouse staffers to explain just what was going on behind those closed doors for the previous two years. The question of Obama’s birth and citizenship status will no longer escape the sunlight. It could be that every act or law signed by Obama gets invalidated.

Get out to the polls and depose the despots! Hopefully America will never flirt with Socialism again.


Anonymous said...

This guy is the Worst Ever, without a doubt. I firmly believe that €omrade Obama has a mental disorder, and is nothing but a slick-talking b.s. Artist from the south side of Crookago, like his mentors. Nothing has gotten anything but worse, since he took office in every catagory I can think of. Rhetoric and inaction is the name of this guy's game. His childish way of blaming everyone else but himself is typical of the crybaby Chicago Machine Democrat Politicians, who have run Crookago, Crook County, and Felonois into the ground with deep, deep debt, thanks to their bright ideas all these decades. I'm sure our Country is on the fast track to follow Crookago, if the €omrade - in - €hief stays in office too much longer.

Anonymous said...

I hope they get him before he drives this country farther in the ground. How can someone who wasn't born here, be president? Where is the investigation!