Monday, March 29, 2010

Advice to Businesses like Dana Kathryn Jewelry in Studio City, CA

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Studio City, CA—Okay, I was asked a serious question about prevention of violent robberies like Dana Kathryn Jewelry has suffered twice in two years. I felt a duty to answer. Of course I’d need to come out to the scene and conduct a security audit and without having done that I will offer the following:

Any jewelry or cash business needs have an unobstructed view from the street so robbers can be seen by anyone passing by. DKJ failed in that regard.

The owners and employees need to know that their lives depend on their training and protection. That means firearms and training. Twelve hours with a qualified professional law enforcement trainer like me would cover the basics. Two hours of tactical training at the store must be part of that. Again, GKJ failed.

They seemed to lack a street view camera which may have alerted the sales workers and provided police better accomplice information. Once more, DKJ fell short.

Each business needs to have at least an image of being more difficult to victimize that the surrounding businesses. Criminals are cowards and avoid challanges.

Local police anti-robbery advice mirrors the philosophy of the politicians that appoint them on gun rights and self-defense. Politicians and police have no right to interfere with the very survival rights of citizens. The fact is they meddle and discourage any resistance thereby facilitating the robbery crimes and further endangering the citizens.

Resistance can be risky but not nearly as risky as compliance to the point of allowing the robbers to force you on the floor or to bind you. Each of the robber’s commands you obey emboldens them and invites more personal danger.

This is about mindset and not personality. The store’s owner seems like a lovely lady who would be too horrified to put up a fight. That’s where training can resolve the issue. Above all the woman needs a strong will to survive.

There is no choice here, either take the steps necessary or find another line of work. This is America and the right to self-defense and to keep and carry arms is an absolute right. Surrendering to thugs is un-American

One last but important piece of advice. If you use deadly force to stop a crime and someone other than you is killed or injured DO NOT TALK TO POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT. Making statemets like, "I was in fear of my life, I had to shoot!" is a tacid confession. SAY NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

Over a year ago in Tinley Park, Illinois five women were shot to death by what so far appears to be a single offender. Maybe a different outcome had one or more of those ladies been armed.

Don't ever be a victim!

Anonymous said...

"Resistance can be risky but not nearly as risky as compliance to the point of allowing the robbers to force you on the floor or to bind you" One book I always recommend is Stanford Strong's "Strong on Defense". It teaches to not fear injuries possibly incurred in resisting (and he does not shy away from describing those) because the scenario would be much much worse if there was no resistance.

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Nice .357 Sig

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