Monday, March 01, 2010

A Short Cowboy Concert From Winter Range!

Phoenix, AZ—I spent about five days with cowboys from everywhere. There was a lot of riding, shooting and historical recreation buy some folks enjoying being American. This Winter Range gala happens every year at this time.

There were lawyers, doctors, plumbers, entertainers and at least one old private eye out playing cowboys and Indians on a big scale.

Here is a Cowboy Quartet telling about Wyatt Earp in song. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Good tp see you out there Paul! LOL, still can't believe you haven't been put in a "gulag" yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Valentino Garavani, an old gay dude surrounded by models in Paris, Milan, New York..Paul, an old straight dude surrounded by old men singing beautifully about "Tombstone". Any wenches in Arizona?
Dream was to settle down with a squaw in some little town..wound up with a soft skinned, NY loving, Jimmy Cho wearing city gal. I think I'll go hang myself now.