Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tough Questions For The Owners Of Westwood’s Midvale Plaza Apartments

Los Angeles, CA—In light of last night’s Westwood Village home invasion, robbery and kidnapping of a half-dozen UCLA students, lawyers can be counted on to uncover security shortcomings at Midvale Plaza Apartments.

Here are some tough questions:

1. What licensed security or investigative professional was hired to perform a security audit of the premises?
2. Did Midvale Plaza Apartments follow the recommendations?
3. Was there licensed, trained and armed security present, and if not, why not?
4. What in the way of recorded security cameras were present and operational?
5. What instruction did Midvale Plaza Apartments give tenants about not allowing strangers into the building?

Somehow I don’t think Midvale Plaza Apartments will have the right answers. The marketing signs I saw today offer a lot of wonderful extras for the tenants but I did not see safety and security on the list.

This seems to be a new complex. What steps have they taken to protect the very lives of their tenants? Last night’s horror show could have easily degenerated into mass murder bloodbath.

I can only hope that the owners Midvale Plaza Apartments take every possible future step to insure the safety of the tenants that have entrusted them with their very lives. At a minimum their building should be more secure than others in the area.

One last question: Why was there no lock on this door?

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