Thursday, March 04, 2010

Evil Roy Revolutionizes the 1911 .45 Grip!

Phoenix, AZ—At the Winter Range cowboy meet and shoot Eagle grips introduced the Evil Roy grip designs. They are both for the single action revolvers and 1911 .45 grips pictured here.

Evil Roy is one of the best known SASS shooters in the world. He was able to figure out a way to make the 1911 grips thinner without alteration to the bushings of the 1911. The grips as you can see are flat and not round.

The Evil Roy grips are available only at EAGLE GRIPS where the competitively priced grips can be shipped to you without delay.

These 1911 grip has generated quite a buzz around those shooters that idolize their favorite autoloader. The Evil Roy revolver grips are also available for your six-guns too.

Learn what inspired these great grips from Evil Roy himself below:

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