Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Our Police State and your private communication records.

I have said before we live in a Police State. Here is more solid evidence of the tyranny we seem to accept without question.

Before E-mail and cell phones government had no access to anything but toll call records. Data collection was impossible and prohibitively expensive for communications companies. Today however that’s all changed since your movements, phone calls and internet communications are all set in stone. Your private information is being stored in bottomless data storage facilities.

Now it’s open season on all of our private communications records. It is the routine for government to obtain and use this information without a search warrant. These private records are used in administrative, civil or petty criminal matters.

The abuse of this information is endless. There is no private investigator worth his salt that can’t get this private information just to satisfy some client’s curiosity The privacy invasion is both un-American and unacceptable.

There is only one cure. We need to enact legislation at state and federal level that prohibits e-mail, web chat and phone providers from keeping the records beyond the time their subscribers have paid their bills. Further any use in courtrooms of this data must be precluded.


Anonymous said...

Once in awhile I'll use my VPN when I want to surf the internet or pay bills online. Assigns you a new I.P. address and encrypts your data. Slows the computer down a just bit, but worth it for privacy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with crime file

and I am very glad of Crime file's voice for individuals in all this dismal invasion of privacy that has been hoisted on to individuals in the world recently.

And each day there seems to be more invasion of privacy. And Government health care could mean government invasion of our bodies and invasion of our health and tickets for not having health care, and no choice.

When you get stopped in a traffic accident the police will ask for your health insurance and if you don't have any then you will get a stiff fine even if you are all mangled up and injured after the traffic accident. The lack of health insurance in this scenario will only harm you further and you may even hemorrhage while you are being questioned as to why you don't have health insurance.

Everyone wants all our personal records on line.

No thank you. Too many predators, busybody's, betrayals and thieves out there.

Gesar of Ling said...

I agree that there is abusive data maintenance on the local, state, and federal level. What concerns me is fraudulent information about people in the data bases (fraudulent TROs are rampant) and permitting legitimate investigates into matters that may concern sexual perverts, terrorists, and other criminals who are on-line. The fraud in the database about innocent citizens is unconscionable.

Thank you Paul. I also happen to believe we live in a police state and child services is deranged. My friend was the head of Child Services in Cincinatti and calls them the Gestappo. He said they could make a case against anyone in the phone book.

Kelley Lynch