Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Obamacare Train wreck May Become A Stone Around A Despot’s Neck

Washington, DC—One by one America’s largest employers are risking Barack Obama’s and Congress’ wrath as they cry foul. They are reporting significant and unmanageable costs because of the hastily and secretly drafted legislation that’s now the law of the land.

Obamacre threatens every American job and will make economic recovery impossible. In retaliation the Obamacare Congressional block has subpoenaed the corporation’s records and will grill the CEO’s. No evidence will surface showing any benefit to the American economy and this will also bog down the government’s ability to collect taxes and function.

Will we see this crisis become Obama’s excuse to seize and nationalize America’s corporations? If Obama tries that he can count on American people to rise in an armed rebellion against him and his cronies. There will be a gallows waiting for all those Marxist traitors.

No matter what happens, I suspect the corporations will succeed in obtaining an emergency restraining order from the federal courts derailing Obamacare. This significant issue will make the litigation fast track and get before our Supreme Court in a hurry.

If this happens we will avoid a civil war and the Marxists will be branded and peacefully exiled.


Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi is:

C razy
U nderhanded
N eferious
T reasonous

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Is this related - or is it the economy?

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.