Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicago Police Commander Arrested On Misdemeanor Count

Chicago, IL—Yes, I’ve see Chicago police bosses in handcuffs before. In the 1970’s Clarence E. Braasch and Mark Thanasouras made the perp walk and took an extended vacation at Club Fed. That of course involved serious corruption and violations of public trust.

I can’t recall a boss getting pinched for a misdemeanor offense, ever. That all changed last night, with the arrest of Fillmore District Commander, Penelope Trahanas over an allegation of, telephone harassment.

Trahanas is accused of making a threatening call to her former boyfriend, Matthew Jackson, a policeman currently assigned to headquarters. The basis for the arrest surround voicemails left by Trahanas that allegedly threatened Jackson’s career.

Jackson ran to a judge, sought and obtained an Order of Protection against his former lover. Jackson also instigated a departmental investigation of the allegations. Now, Trahanas has made the perp walk, got stripped of her gun, star and police powers.

Of course this mess will be reviewed by the courts that are notoriously slow in Chicago. If there is a guilty plea or a trial ending in conviction the once promising career will end in disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Paul, you are always one advocating the use of recording technology as a way to protect yourself. That is all this guy did. You do not know this woman but she has been given everything in this Dept and has not had to work for it. I agree with you that most of the orders are based on a he said/she said but this one is different. He has actual recording of her threatening his career. She is known as a vindictive person.

Trust me, this is not one woman who you should stick you neck out for.

The sad part is she was brought into 011 to replace a well likeed and respected commander who actually had the balls to speak his mind to Jody Weis when asked and then was dumped for doing so. She was brought in to be a yes person.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have a huge problem with the Order of Protection mess. Now this woman has been charged with a crime. It will take Due Process, proof beyond a reasonable doubt and an appeal process before there can be punishment.

I somehow believe this young woman is an example of affirmative action and raw political clout.

I offer no verdict here and I have not seen the evidence but in America we presume innocence and I subscribe to that.

A tape or video recorder can be a cop’s best friend!

kilo4/11 said...

What is this bimbo doing out of her bathrobe and in a man's clothes? Why is she not up on the charge of impersonating a police officer?

Paul, I live in the Fillmore district, have been here my whole life, got hauled in the back of a '61 Plymouth into the old cop shop on Pulaski and Fillmore Street as a kid for curfew violation. You're taking on the wrong problem here. The problem is women don't know their place any more and men don't have the courage and faith in themselves to put them there. When Big John (as he was known to all who lived on his beat) stepped out into the middle of the intersection of Madison and Pulaski (known as Crawford Avenue then) of an evening rush hour, with the trolleys throwing up sparks around him and impatient crowds of pedestrians waiting to dash from every curb, suddenly everything got calm. All eyes turned to the big man in the long blue coat and we waited as he brought up that whistle. Then he cut loose with a long, blood-curdling blast that could be heard three blocks away, a lusty challenge to all, that said, in unmistakeable terms, I'M IN COMMAND HERE, AND YOU PEOPLE BETTER DO WHAT I SAY! When our streets were patrolled, on foot, by those equipped with swinging dicks, not glided by in cars driven by those with bobbing boobs, we knew real security. And the only woman a cop had to fear was his wife.

Anonymous said...

This woman should not even be a patrolman!

Merit promotion to Sgt.

Merit promotion to Lieutenant.

Merit promotion to Captain.

Merit promotion to Commander.

There are many Excellent men AND women in this department who will NEVER EVER get the chance for even ONE Merit promotion in their entire career.

They don't have the Juice of a Phone call or Minister to Demand there promotion(s).

This was one vindictive woman who treated officers like garbage, and she got what she deserved on her own MERIT!

Old Revolver Cop ('72).

Anonymous said...


Three months court supervision. No contact with the complaining witness.

Civil suit with small settlement for Plaintiff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Make Way for DUKE

Anonymous said...

I somehow believe this young woman is an example of affirmative action and raw political clout.

March 17, 2010 2:38 PM

Frank Nelson: "Young! Why she's 42 if she's a day!"

Jack Benny: "We're not arguing about that!"

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have received a couple of anonymous comments that allege things about this commander. I never met her let alone worked with her. She could be either the most qualified or least qualified boss ever.

I would not allow similar anonymous postings that placed officer Cozzi in a bad light and I won’t do it against this accused commander.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial when they get their day in court. For me to publish this material from an anonymous poster is both cowardly and wrong.

I’m not defending more than this woman’s absolute right to a fair trial. I am however dismayed to see a lover’s spat escalate into career ending damage to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Major juice baby.