Friday, April 23, 2010

Blago About To Receive A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

Chicago, IL—We know that Barack Obama controls the US Attorney and has the votes in Congress to obstruct any investigation of his own political corruption.

The inconvenient indictment and pending prosecution of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is now a genuine threat to the Presidency. Sealed court information has been leaked and now Obama’s own criminal conduct has been exposed. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men won’t save the Messiah’s skin. That is of course if the case against Blago moves forward.

Obama’s supporters are in a deep cult induced denial that their Messiah would do anything wrong. They want to believe they’re being led to the Promised Land. I guess the new arrivals at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp wanted to believe that they were only being led to a harmless shower too. Being optimistic is all very understandable but often fatal.

Blago has laid his cards on Obama’s table demanding his right to subpoena witnesses for his defense. Obama has too much to hide and he knows it. There is only one answer for Obama, and that’s to find a graceful way to make Blago disappear or at least the criminal case against him.

Blago has had that Ace up his sleeve from day one. Will it be a contrived technical glitch that frees Blago? Will it be a Presidential Pardon that does the trick? Or will someone just kill the former governor to shut him up for good?

Let me make my prediction that this prosecution is about to be interrupted by the fickle finger of fate or at least an Ace up Blago’s sleeve.


Anonymous said...

And those idiots who voted for Oboma thought they wanted to get a "wise" president since Geo. Bush mispronouced some words now and then - well, they got a real DUMMY in Oboma! We've only to look at how a REAL wise Chicago boy (Gov. Blago) has Oboma by the short hairs...Don't know about you Paul, but I'm loving this - as Blago gives Oboma ANOTHER lesson on how to be wise.. Oboma is sooo dirty with bones in his closet (literally) that he has to give in to whatever Gov Blago wants from him.. I thought Oboma was going to change the blackmans image in America as that of being educated? Even though all those white folks gave him the best education that OUR money could buy for him, and with an unleveled playing field, Oboma is still a dumb black fellow. Score one for BLAGO, the wiser man who happens to b e white..Sorry folks..but these ARE the facts..Like em or not. I like em. Great column Paul, way to go!

Anonymous said...

There is a 4th option and that would be to get to the Judge. If the Judge blocks Blago at every turn and railroads him while the press keeps it hush hush Blago will just disappear. Sure he’d probably win an appeal but that takes time and by then he could be discretely murdered.