Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where Is The Explanation By Jody Weis?

Chicago, IL—Ten days ago Chicago police superintendent Jody Weis fled the scene of an in progress shooting. He and his police driver failed to check the on the safety of subordinate officers or innocent bystanders. The armed killer escaped because there were not enough police officers to seal off the area.

Weiss was caught on tape during a television interview with CBS2 reporter Kristyn Hartman as shots were ringing out. Weis gave his famous, “I gotta run!” sound bite. Run he did and at this point he should simply keep on running while not looking back.

Since that disgraceful demonstration of cowardice, Weis has been in hiding. Weis knows he was despised by the rank and file officers before that fateful Friday and now he’s been branded a coward too.

Weis now knows there is no PR magic that can save him. Weis should face reality and be a man long enough to apologize to the officers who risked their lives at that deadly scene for abandoning them. Then Weis should then submit his resignation.

The department is badly shattered and must be rebuilt. That can’t happen with all the promotions based on connections, clout and racial formula shenanigans rather than fitness for the positions.

For the rank and file cops, a fair contract, necessary manpower adjustments and proper equipment can’t be avoided any longer. The department is in an absolute crisis. The coming warm weather along with tens of thousands of idle, angry young men and freed prison convicts competing for control of the streets may bring a holocaust.


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I'm a retired State Police supervisor, and looking at that video makes me cringe. My first thought, had I been in that situation, is to leave the reporter in mid interview, and respond to the scene to help out in any way that I could. There is absolutely nothing this guy can say to explain his actions, other than to come right out and admit that he was scared shitless and didn't know what to do except run for his life.