Friday, April 16, 2010

Seven Dead Overnight In Continued Chicago Genocide

Chicago, IL—The African-American carnage is triggered every time the Windy City’s weather improves. The Ghetto Rats bring out their banned guns and slaughter their own species.

These mad dog killers are facilitated because the ineffectiveness of a police command staff rife with City Hall cronyism instead of needed qualifications. That, as the mayor and city council has allowed the manpower to shrink well below a critical rate.

Superintendent Jody Weis has been conspicuously absent since he was accused of cowardice for running from the scene of a fatal shooting where the killer escaped two weeks ago.

Chicago will continue to bathe in blood as long as these dangerous killers are emboldened by an overwhelmed police department and gun laws that are only effective against law abiding Chicagoans.


PBJLoaf said...

I'm glad to see that gun control works in the Windy City! (this is sarcasm).
These kids are doomed from the womb. Sad.

Anonymous said...

This is called a self correcting problem.Just hold them in their areas and let them do their thang.