Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nazi Group Battles LA Today

Los Angeles, CA—A group will demonstrate and celebrate the April 19th birthday of Adolph Hitler in downtown L.A. under the swastika. They seem to admire Hitler and his National Socialist movement, or do they?

It appears they have no clue just what National Socialism is. They apparently only like the master race aspect of Hitler’s disaster. These Nazi supporters are incoherent about what they really want from government. I guess these folks feel disenfranchised, frustrated and pushed to second class behind illegal aliens, and Blacks that are invited to suck up government entitlements. They do have a legitimate point.

Racial hatred is nearly always a two sided affair. Racial hatred in America is politically correct as long as the targets are heterosexual Caucasians.

If these people want to form a group demanding White rights and end reverse discrimination they would be better advised to create their own icon and flag rather than plagiarize on Adolph Hitler’s failed Third Reich. There can be no question that the Nazis had the snappiest uniforms, symbols and graphics of our time.

Hitler may have killed six million Jews but we must always remember his efforts cost nine million German lives along the way. National Socialism was a really bad idea.

National Socialism was just that a classic form of Marxist inspired Socialism.

Equally intellectually challenged are the whack-jobs that will show up violently confronting the confused Nazis. They are giving the Nazis far too much importance. I imagine we will see some great combat video of two equally stupid groups proving, Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Darwin wins again!


Teresa said...

What a bunch of misguided nuts! I do understand their anger about hypocrisy of racism and the way the race card is thrown around by African Americans, but for these people to march under the Nazi flag is absurd.

Anonymous said...

well got to admit, they did have nice looking uniforms especcialy the SS with the runes and stuff, sorta maDE A FELLA PROUD TO BE ANGLO SAXON.