Friday, April 09, 2010

Obama’s Socialist Revolution Threatens Freedom

Washington, DC—Barack Obama is not missing a stroke in his stride to destroy the United States Constitution, freedom and liberty. The Great Divider is doing absolutely everything to align this country with those countries that embrace Socialism and terror. That as the traitor is destroying America’s military defense mechanism and protection.

We are at a crossroads in America unseen since the Civil War and we must choose the side we will fight on. Fight we will. As we begin a period of civil unrest as the major cities collapse under impossible entitlement programs, full scale war can’t be far behind.

A full half of our population is now enslaved to the other. That is an intolerable divide.

Thankfully most members of our police and military will follow their oaths of office and not wage war on fellow Americans. There can be no doubt that Obama will seek aid and help from United Nations and troops from Socialist countries to complete his revolution.

No matter what history demonstrates people learn nothing from the lessons since the beginning of humanity. The Socialist, control freaks must be stopped or we will be murdered or forced into additional slavery. The Tea Party people have done nothing to even slow down the tyranny.

The Boston Tea Party was anything but peaceful demonstration. The Tea Part was Treason against the Crown and involved the violent seizure and destruction of the King’s property. Today's Tea Party represents a hollow threat to the enemies of our Constitution. They need to expand their resistance efforts dramatically or have no effect at all.

Americans have no choice but to step up their voices, anger and actions to stop the revolution while they can. We must make being a Communist or Socialist in America very risky business.

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Anonymous said...

This morning the editor of the New Yorker was on TV touting his book about Obama called "The Bridge." He was your typical white intellectual elitist who grew up wealthy and who still thinks Obama is some kind of a god.

Obama is deliberately slowing down resources going to the military. My son is preparing for his third deployment, this time to Afghanistan. For the first time their battalion's resources are being cut, and they are being denied equpiment that they were issued on the last deployments. When they complain about it, they are told, "Buy it (the equipment) yourself or have your families buy it and send it to you."

We are rapidly descending into third world status. It is creeping up on us and we are ignoring it. Obama is "The Bridge;" he is the Bridge to Nowhere.